Groove Cruise Miami 2020 drink package details

Groove Cruise Miami 2020 is quite literally selling out at a record pace. Over 96% of the ship is already sold, so there is only a handful of cabins left. Book your spot now if you haven’t already (and view the full lineup). Keep reading to learn more about the available Groove Cruise Miami 2020 drink package.

This sailing takes place on January 9-13, 2020 aboard the beautiful Celebrity Infinity. Due to popular demand, the organizers are once again offering a premium drink package.

Groove Cruise Miami 2020 drink package information

I’ll lay out some basic details on the package here, then I’ll go over how to determine whether or not this will be worth it.

Price: $72.00 per person/per day (plus 18% gratuities). That comes out to $84.96 PER PERSON PER DAY.

What’s included?

  •     Cocktails / Frozen Drinks / Premium brand spirits / Liqueurs
  •      Craft and Artisan Beers
  •      Premium bottled waters
  •      Wines by the glass
  •      Juices / Non-alcoholic cocktails
  •      Specialty coffees and teas
  •      Fountain sodas / Coca-Cola products

Note: Includes any single beverage item with a value up to $13.

Is the drink package worth it?

The answer is, “It depends.” I made a really comprehensive post for a past Groove Cruise outlining how to calculate whether this package makes sense for you.

Read it here, then apply those concepts to this year’s pricing.

In a nutshell, all you have to do is consider what you’d drink and how much you’d drink regularly (in addition to alcohol, consider whether you are a big soda or specialty coffee drinker), then compare that information with the cost of the drink package.

My math works out to $84.96/person/day for the Groove Cruise Miami 2020 drink package. The actual/total price will be reflected in the booking engine when checking out.

Based on my experience with drink prices, I feel that most people would have to purchase 9-12 alcoholic drinks per day to make out ahead with the drink package. If you add in sodas (not mixers, just sodas) and specialty coffees (or special juices), obviously you’ll have to purchase less alcoholic beverages. If you’re only getting the package for non-alcoholic beverages, that number jumps significantly, so I would suggest just purchasing those a la carte.

Note: As mentioned in the terms and conditions, if purchasing a drink package, everyone in your cabin has to make that purchase, so be sure to do this calculation for everyone to see if it makes sense for your group.

Pro tip: Don’t buy the package if you’re not absolutely certain that it makes sense for you. You don’t want to be pressured to drink more than usual just to make use of the package. That’s a recipe for a bad time.

Do I have to buy the package?

You do not have to buy this package. Most beverages (like water, juices, and coffee) are included in your cabin price, but alcohol and soda are not.

Personally, I just take advantage of the included beverages for the duration of the event and I save a ton of money. But, that’s what makes sense for how I rave. I’ll take the $339+ dollars and stretch it for other things.  If you find that you’ve spent more than this on past Groove Cruises or if you’ve done the math mentioned above, you might find the drink package to be a better value for you.

Remember, you can save an easy $50 per person on your cabin by using the discount code GrooveCruiseChris.

Terms and Conditions

Take a look at these T&Cs. These will be outlined in the booking engine when making your cabin booking and drink package purchase.

  • Premium Drink Package must be purchased for the entire length of the sailing.
  • Must be purchased in advance with Whet Travel or onboard the first day of sailing only. Not available for purchase during Celebrity’s online check-in. Prices will be higher onboard.
  • Full payment is due at the time of booking.
  • Premium Drink Packages do not include souvenir mugs/cups/glasses, so you should inform the server to get the drink without the souvenir cup if you want to avoid the extra service charge for the cup.
  • Sharing drinks on the Premium Drink Packages is strictly prohibited.
  • Your Premium Drink Package purchase is non-refundable.
  • Last day to pre-purchase the Premium Drink Package is December 26, 2019.

Groove Island 2020 Pre-Sale

Groove Island $50 Off/Person Discount Code:

This ship is 96% sold out. Here’s the latest pricing grid, but you can view the original Groove Cruise Miami 2020 prices here along with more details about payment plans.