Payment Plans for Groove Cruise Miami 2019 – Starting at $71/month!

You know the feeling when festival season approaches, and you’re struggling to figure out just exactly how you’re going to pay for all the events you want to attend? With the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 payment plans, you can break up the cost of your cabin over time.

Whether you’re a saavy investor who wants to take advantage of essentially 0% financing or you’re just a raver like me who doesn’t want to have to choose between festival tickets and paying rent, these payment plans offer some flexibility without any hassle.

Check out the price grid and all available discounts and promos. Remember, my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) will get you $50 off/person even if you’re planning on using a payment plan.

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Groove Cruise Miami 2019 Payment Plans

The complete details and terms of these payment plans will be available to you in the booking engine. I’m going to try and simplify them for you here. There are three options for you when it comes to paying for your cabin:

  • Pay-in-Full
  • Monthly Payment Plan
  • Deposit + 50/50 Payment Plan

Pro tip: With the exception of the Pay-in-Full limited time 5% off promo, all of the available discounts can be applied to cabin bookings that utilize a payment plan, as well. That means that if you book now, you’ll beat any price increases, have a larger selection of cabins, still be able to utilize discounts that apply to you, and choose to pay over time, if you’d like.

Let’s dig into each one.

Pay In Full

This is what it sounds like. When you go to book your cabin, you simply choose to pay for the entire cabin cost in full. Of course, you should take advantage of the available discounts that apply to you. If you book before midnight on 3/21/2018, you can also combine the 5% Off Pay-in-Full Promo.

Monthly Payment Plan

With this plan, you will pay a set deposit amount, then the remainder of you cabin balance will be split over however many months are left until the event up until a specified deadline. The deposit amount varies depending on the type of cabin you book, and the monthly payment amount depends on what type of cabin you book as well as how many months are left until the event.

Here’s some deposit details:

  • $200/person deposit for interior and ocean view cabins. $400 is due for single occupancy cabins.
  • $500/person deposit for Suites. $1000 is due for single occupancy suites.

Deposit + 50/50 Plan

This payment plan consists of a deposit plus two equal payments of the remaining balance. Again, the cost of the two 50/50 payments will depend on when you book and what cabin type you book.

Here are the deposit requirements:

  • $200/person deposit for interior and ocean view cabins. $400 is due for single occupancy cabins.
  • $500/person deposit for Suites. $1000 is due for single occupancy suites.

Don’t get hit with fees or lose your reservation

If your card is declined and you don’t submit payment by your due dates, you’ll get hit with a late fee of $25/person for the monthly payment plan or $50/person for the 50/50 payment plan.

If your reservation remains unpaid after two weeks past the final payment date, your booking will be cancelled without refund. So, if you choose a payment plan, stay on top of your due dates and make sure a valid card with sufficient funds or credit limit remains on file. I don’t want to see anyone get hit with late fees or have their booking cancelled.


For any questions and concerns regarding Groove Cruise Miami 2019 payment plans, to change your payment plan option, or to change the credit card on file, reach out to Captain Support: