Here’s the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 extra amenities for Concierge Class and above staterooms and suites

groove cruise miami 2019 extra amenities

When the prices were announced for this sailing, a special disclaimer was released noting that if you book a stateroom that was Concierge Class or higher, you’d get some extra perks. Here’s all the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 extra amenities by stateroom.

Starting with the Premium Beverage Package, typically a paid extra, every Concierge Class or higher stateroom gets this add-on included for everyone in cabin. This package is priced at $67+15% taxes/fees per person per day for this event. My math says that’s a $316.24 value per person if you were planning on buying this add-on anyways.

Groove Cruise Miami 2019 extra amenities

From nicer in-room amenities to unlimited internet to a private butler and more, you can take advantage of these perks by booking a Concierge Class or higher cabin. The exact amenities by cabin type are noted below (click for full size version):

groove cruise miami 2019 stateroom and suites amenities 574x1024

The Celebrity Infinity is absolutely the most luxurious ship to have the honor of being taken over by the GCFAM. Make the most of the experience by booking one of these staterooms for extra amenities.

The ship is 65% sold out

groove cruise miami 2019 65 percent sold out 945x1024

Having been on sale for only a short time, Groove Cruise Miami 2019 is already 65% sold out. That means there are still cabins left, but you’re going to want to book soon because:

  • Price increases will occur as the event approaches
  • Cabin categories will continue to sell out

Here’s an updated price grid noticing some of the categories that have already sold out:

groove cruise miami 2019 price update 1

Book now if you don’t want to miss this ship

The answer to “when should I book?” is always “now”. With payment plans available and lots of discounts to take advantage of, booking now gives you peace of mind knowing you got the best price and the best selection of cabins.

Of course, be sure to use discount code GrooveCruseChris (How do I use this code?) for a super easy and instant $50 off/person. Can’t beat that.

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