Discounts for Groove Cruise Miami 2019

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By the time you’ve reached this post, you’ve probably already decided that you’d prefer to save money over not saving money. Knowing all of the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 discounts will prepare you to maximize your booking and potentially save hundreds of dollars on your cabin.

This is what you need to do to save the most amount of money:

  1. Book now – Cabin prices only go up over time (while availability decreases), and there’s no fee for using the payment plans, if you’d like, to lock in your cabin now.
  2. Use my discount code – Use GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) for an easy and instant $50 off/person any and every booking.
  3. Stack discounts – On top of my discount code, go through the list below and make a note of any and every discount that will apply to you and your cabin. You can stack them for maximum savings.

Check out the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 prices and payment plans.

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Groove Cruise Miami 2019 Discounts

Here are all of the available discounts. Remember, these stack with my discount code. Take advantage of them ASAP because these may be limited and subject to change without notice.

Pay-in-Full Discount

If you’re booking before midnight on 3/21/18 and you choose to pay the cabin amount in full, you’re eligible for another 5% off (before taxes).

Squad in a Quad

This is cool promotion in that all you have to do is book an eligible cabin type with a 4 person occupancy. Grab three of your friends, choose one of the eligible cabins, and you’ll be able to take advantage of the Squad in a Quad promo.

  • Inside stateroom from $829.00/person for first two guests
  • Oceanview staterooms from $1,009/person for the first two guests
  • Bring two more friends for just $299/person.

Terms & Conditions

  • Promo not valid on Veranda staterooms or Suites.
  • Don’t forget that the $250.00/person taxes and fees are additional.
  • Actual prices will vary depending on stateroom category.
  • Availability is limited and rates may change without notice.
  • These rates are based on four people sharing one stateroom. If there are changes in occupancy, the rate will increase based on the current single, double, or triple occupancy rates.
  • When you’re booking, the prices will adjust to reflect an equal “per person” amount.

Female Foursome

Let’s say you’re squad of four all all girls. Here’s a bonus for you – get another $44 off/person. Contact support to apply your discount after making your booking and entering the names of everyone in your cabin.

Military Discount

There is a 5% off discount available to U.S. Military members. To receive the Military Discount, just email one of the following items to after your reservation has been confirmed.

  • Copy of the military LES (Leave and Earning statement) with SSN redacted or blacked out
  • Copy of DD214 or DD256 military retirement papers
  • Copy of Form DD214, proof of honorable discharge
  • Proof for Cadets: A letter from his/her Commander or a copy of a military pay stub with the SSN redacted or blacked out


For any questions and concerns regarding Groove Cruise Miami 2019 discounts, to change your payment plan option, or to change the credit card on file, reach out to Captain Support: