Groove Cruise Miami 2018 themes announced

The official Groove Cruise Miami 2018 themes have been revealed, and now you have just over three months to get your outfits together.

Pro tip: Halloween is coming. If you haven’t purchased your costume for that, use the themes below to guide you then bring it on GCMIA this January. See? I’m always trying to save you money.

Groove Cruise Miami 2018 themes

Whether you’re the type to go all out, or you want to keep it subtle and just bring a prop or accessory, you can participate in the themes as much or as little as you’d like. I see people disregarding the themes altogether and wearing whatever floats their boat ship. Do what you want. It’s Groove Cruise.

But if you’re all in with the Groove Cruise Miami 2018 themes, here’s your guide to dressing the part:

Friday (Boarding) – Show Your Colors

Replacing the GCFAM favorite “Represent” theme is the new “Show Your Colors” theme for Friday’s boarding party. The premise is simple, based on how many Groove Cruises you’ve attended (including this one), wear the specified color.

It’s not a contest but actually a great conversation starter. First timers can seek out more experienced GCFAM members for tips for making the most of the weekend. Experienced attendees can mingle with first timers to ensure they get a proper welcome into the GCFAM. Groove Cruise veterans can connect with others who have sailed more than once and ask which other events they’ve been to. This is a great way to relive memories from past sailings when you’re talking about that epic beach party or that afterhours set that kept you up through sunrise.

Here’s what to wear:

  • Virgins (first-time Groove Cruise) – White
  • Two-timers – Yellow
  • 3-5 – Blue
  • 6-7 – Green
  • 8+ – Red

Friday (Night) – Whet Circus

After the boarding party, the evening brings on a new theme – Whet Circus. When coming up with your outfit or props for this evening, think about ringmasters, acrobat performers, or circus strongmen and clowns.

Saturday (Day/Cococay) – Fantasea

Let your imagination run wild with the Fantasea theme. Taking place during the day while on Cococay where the private beach party is going down, Fantasea allows you to unleash your inner mermaid, sea animal, or other ocean-based wild side. Hint: Inflatables are always fun.

Saturday (Night) – Onesies vs. Unitards

As the day becomes night, the theme switches into Onesies vs. Unitards. If you picked up a Groove Cruise onesie on a prior sailing, bring it out and represent. Onesies can be found almost anywhere. I saw cow, unicorn, and poop emoji onesie at Walmart recently. I’ve seen Groove Cruise staff in a giraffe onesie. Whatever your style is, if you can get it in a onesie or a unitard, Saturday night is your time to shine.

Check out all of these adult onesies!

Sunday (Day/Nassau) – Superheroes vs. Villains

With comic book characters and universes surging back into the mainstream with popular movie franchises, the Superheroes vs. Villains theme is your chance to dress up as your favorite. If you’re not as familiar with comic books, that’s OK, I’ve done some research for you. Check out these links and pick a characters that suits your style.

Sunday (Night) – Gold Party

Always going out with a bang, the final theme is Gold Party. What should you wear? If it’s gold, wear it.

Jewelry, accessories, glitter, and more. It’s going to look like King Midas touched this ship. I can see it now – gold chains, glitter everywhere. It’s going to be gaudy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Did you see the phase 2 lineup?

Over 10 new artists have been added to the GCMIA 2018 lineup as part of a phase 2 release. Check out the latest lineup info here.

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That’s it. Now you know what the official Groove Cruise Miami 2018 themes are, so have fun planning your outfits. If you haven’t booked your cabin yet, do it now because they’re selling out fast and the prices are going up soon.

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