Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Set Times, Pre-Parties, Onboard Activities, and More

On Monday, I’ll be meeting up with the #GCFAM once again to embark on the festival at sea known as Groove Cruise. The Groove Cruise Miami 2017 set times have been released and you can read all the details below.

This year, the Miami event will be sailing aboard the Carnival Victory for the first time. Also a first, we’ll be visiting the exotic destination of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

My excitement is at an all-time high right now.

With that being said, a lot of updates rolled out this week. If you’re looking to get caught up on what you need to know before we set sail, then keep reading.

This will be a graphic-heavy post, but this is what I’ll be covering:

  • Set times!
  • Pre-Parties
  • Onboard activities and events
  • Wifi
  • Volunteer and charity opportunities

Let’s go.

Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Set Times

One of the biggest announcements for any festival is their set times. After we’ve had time to soak up the lineup, now we get to see how we’re going to deal with all the conflicts. First world problems.


groove cruise miami 2017 set times monday


groove cruise miami 2017 set times tuesday


groove cruise miami 2017 set times wednesday


groove cruise miami 2017 thursday


You know. Because 4 days of artists programmed around the clock isn’t enough. The #GCFAM has to get started early. Check out the pre-party details and lineups.

groove cruise miami 2017 pre party day groove cruise miami 2017 pre party night 693x1024

Onboard Activities and Events

Mini-golf, ping pong, and more. There’s so much to even when you’re off the dance floor.

groove cruise miami 2017 mini golf tournament 853x1024 groove cruise miami 2017 ping pong tournament groove cruise miami 2017 blackjack tournment 851x1024


Part of the atmosphere of Groove Cruise is created by the fact that we lose mobile reception. However, I like options, and I’m sure most of you do, too. If you want wifi, Groove Cruise has wifi. Check out the prices below.

groove cruise miami 2017 wifi 750x1024

Volunteer and Charity Opportunities

Did you know that Whet Travel, the Groove Cruise organizers, have also formed the Whet Foundation, a charitable organization that gives back every Groove Cruise? Here are some opportunities available for GCMIA 2017.

groove cruise miami 2017 volunteer opportunity groove cruise miami 2017 whet foundation

Ready to Set Sail?

This is it. For me, at least, it’s my last update before setting sail on Monday. I’ll be back with an aftermovie, of course. Check out my video from GCCABO if you haven’t seen it already – it’s crazy.

Familiarize yourself with the Groove Cruise Miami 2017 set times, and be ready to throw all your plans out the window.

For the GCFAM who still haven’t put together their costumes and outfits, get familiar with the themes, and pick up any last minute accessories.

Also, GCFAM, be sure to check your email for online check-in instructions. There was a tragic event in Fort Lauderdale recently, and security is heightened. Be sure you have all your docs in order for a smooth boarding process.

Get some rest, because you won’t be getting any (nor will you want to) once you show up at the port.

See you on the ship!

markus schulz presents dakota 899x1024