Groove Cruise Miami 2017 DJ Remix Competition


It’s kind of become a thing that Groove Cruise has some sort of DJ mentpetition for their events. While it’s not guaranteed to happen, it’s definitely popular among aspiring producers and the GCFAM alike.

The Groove Cruise Miami 2017 Remix Competition has been announced and entries are already being uploaded.

GCMIA 2017 Remix Competition Details

It appears that the Groove Cruise has come together with MetaPop and to create the “In The Night Official Remix Competition”.

The premise? Remix “In The Night” by Markus Schulz featuring Brooke Tomlinson and upload it to the official contest page.

Official contest page and details:

Prize Package:

  • A DJ set time with Markus Schulz aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2017
  • Oceanview statement for 2
  • Groove Cruise and Coldharbour swag bundle
  • Your remix debuted on the Global DJ Broadcast with Markus Schulz
  • A commercial release on Apple Music, Spotify, Beatport, and more

The deadline to enter is November 30, 2016, at 11:59am PT.

*Note: In the case of any discrepancies, be sure to refer to the official contest page for complete and accurate contest details.

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Are you entering the remix competition? If so, will you remix the track into another trance track or morph it into another genre?

Groove Cruise Miami Pictures (104)

Since Markus Schulz has so much to do with this competition, I figured I’d share a picture I took of Markus Schulz (and Ferry Corsten). This was taken at the private island party on Groove Cruise Miami. We actually celebrated Markus Schulz’s birthday during this set.