Groove Cruise Miami 2015 Returns for Another 4 Day, 96 Hour Experience

It’s been mentioned before, but it hasn’t been emphasized as much as it was last year.

GCMIA 2015 returns with another 4 DAY SAILING!

This, in my opinion, is a really big deal.

Unlike regular festivals that have music for 2-3 days for 12 hours or so each day, Groove Cruise Miami has music going around the clock for 4 days straight.

Last year, before I even stepped foot on the shop, they had a DJ set up in the waiting area. It’s these details that make Groove Cruise so unique.

GCMIA 2015 gives cruisers 96 straight hours of music, food, and raving – no breaks.

Even at 3-day festivals with camping, you don’t get music around the clock.

With cabins already 50% sold out, you definitely do not want to wait any longer to secure your spot aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2015.

You get 4 days. 4 DAYS!

groove cruise miami 2015 flyer1