Groove Cruise Miami 2014 Review – 96 Hours of Amazing Part 7: Day 5

sunrise set crowd from sun deck

I’m finally up in time to catch a sunrise set, which is good because this is my last opportunity. We head to the pool deck and it’s still dark out, but music can already be heard. This time, it isn’t coming from the big main stage, but from a smaller stage set up right in the middle of the pool area. This provided a more intimate experience for the final set of the cruise. This artist puts on quite a show and the sheer number of decorated masks in the crowd proves that he is clearly a fan favorite. After his opening display and an EDM-centric prayer, I head up to the Sun Deck for a birdseye view of the rest of the set as well as the Miami skyline.

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dsk chk sunrise set

Many have stayed up all night. I can tell because there are still rave fairies running around. The sun has come up over the horizon and I’m looking over Miami. I’m thinking about all the people that are waking up and getting ready for work. That’s incredibly ordinary compared to the weekend we’ve just had and the party this is still raging on at 6:30am this Monday morning. Another cruise ship pulls into port, and I laugh as I think about what is going through the minds of guests who are looking over at our ship.

miami skyline

After a quick breakfast and relatively easy disembarkation, it’s over. Day 5 is short, just as this post is, and it’s over before we know it. We’re headed back home, back to regular life. I question how I’m going to function in the normal world after what we just experienced. We are now part of the greatest electronic music family there is, and no one can take that away from us. The party is over, but the memory lives on and is very strong. Even stronger is the desire to get back on this ship as soon as possible.


    Pictures from top to bottom:
    View of the final sunrise set crowd from the Sun Deck.
    Final sunrise set artist pumping up the crowd
    View of the Miami skyline at ~6:30am while a party takes place on the pool deck.

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