Groove Cruise LA Ship: Carnival Inspiration

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Over 2000 members of the GC fam sail aboard the Carnival Inspiration on each Groove Cruise LA sailing.

While Carnival is known for being “the fun ship”, Groove Cruise takes this to a whole new level.

At over 850 feet in length and able to carry over 2000 guests, the Carnival Inspiration is the perfect venue for a large-scale, yet still intimate event like Groove Cruise LA.

With multiple dining options INCLUDED in your cabin cost, you can fuel your body no matter what time it is. From a cafe-style buffet, to formal dining rooms (which will probably be not so formal, because it is, after all, Groove Cruise), to 24-hour pizza, the Carnival Inspiration ensures that no one has to worry about hunger while they are partying around the clock.

From the pool deck to the theater to the atrium and more, this ship has multiple areas that will be completely transformed to host the epic parties that Groove Cruise is known for.

Don’t forget, there is still a casino, spa, fitness facility, and more aboard the ship that is all still available to guests.

There are no compromises on Groove Cruise – it’s basically a full-fledged cruise PLUS a full-fledged festival!

You can see Carnival’s ship description here:

Check out the Groove Cruise LA page for the latest event details.


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