Groove Cruise LA 2016 Pre-Sale Now Available

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Update: The 2016 West Coast event is GCCABO

Get your GCLA 2016 GCCABO 2016 pre-sale now.

Groove Cruise LA 2016 details have yet to be announced (Update: The 2016 West Coast event is GCCABO), but if history is any indication, the 2016 west coast iteration of this incredible festival at sea is going to raise the bar…again. Check out my GCLA aftermovie and full review from this year’s LA event.

The public cabin sale is set to begin in early 2016, so if you buy a pre-sale now, you are essentially guaranteeing your place in line to book a cabin aboard the ship.

Here’s the official GCCABO 2016 pre-sale link:

I’ve put together a little Pre-Sale Tutorial to help you with creating an account, securing your pre-sale, etc. Read it here.

Also, you can read the full details of the pre-sale purchase below. As always, please refer to the official Groove Cruise site and reservation system for the most accurate and up-to-date info.

Groove Cruise LA 2016 Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Pre-Sale Details:
Early booking will reserve your place in line so that when it’s time to select your actual cabin in early Spring, you’ll be given priority access to a better selection of cabins before the cruise goes on-sale to the public, based on the order in which you paid your pre-sale deposit.

Making a presale booking requires just a single deposit of $200, which will be applied towards the final cost of your cabin. Only one presale deposit will be applied per cabin. The final total cost of your cabin will vary depending on cabin size, location, number of occupants, etc. We do NOT need the name of your roommate nor your discount codes at this time.

Once the full details of our next cruise are announced, all pre-booked guests will be emailed their unique individual booking tokens along with complete information on HOW and WHEN to select your cabin. You’ll be able to add your cabinmate names and info, pay additional deposit, add your discount codes, and complete your 2016 GCLA Groove Cruise Cabo reservation at that time.

2016 LA Cabo Groove Cruise Pre-Sale Cancellation Policy: Your Pre-Sale deposit is refundable within 30 days after we officially announce the dates for cabin selection of the 2016 LA Cabo Groove Cruise. 31-days after the initial announcement, the Groove Cruise cancellation policy applies according to the full terms and conditions of the cruise.

Remember, the $200 deposit is either refundable if you cancel according the terms or it will applied to your actual cabin once cabin sales open, so this is a very affordable way to secure your spot aboard the ship and ensure the best selection of cabins.

Note: This is the pre-sale window, not cabin booking, so now is NOT the time to use my discount code. Once the actual cabin booking process begins in early 2016, that is when you can use my discount code to save $50 per person on your cabin. Between getting first dibs on cabin selection and using my discount code at the time of cabin booking, purchasing a pre-sale now is a great way to enjoy this festival in the most affordable manner.

GCLA 2016 GCCABO 2016 pre-sale link:

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