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$50 Off/Person GC Discount Code - GrooveCruiseChris

Groove Cruise Discounts

There are a lot of ways to save money on your Groove Cruise experience. First, you can always use the discount code GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) for an easy and instant $50 off per person (up to $200/cabin).

Pro-tip: You can combine discounts!

On top of that, discounts are made available on a per event basis. Scroll down to see discounts by event. These discounts often include Pay-In-Full discounts when booking early, Female Foursome savings, Squad-in-a-Quad promos, and Military discounts. Check out the Discounts blog post (links below, when available) for each event to learn more about that specific sailing's promos and how to take advantage of all the savings available.

Get on every Groove Cruise

Instant $50 off every person (up to $200/cabin). Valid on every sailing.

(How do I use this code?)

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Discounts by Event

Groove Cruise Miami 2020

Cabins starting at $749 $699 w/ discount code
Payment Plans

$50 off/person using GrooveCruiseChris code at time of booking (How do I use this code?)
5% Pay-in-Full Discount (Expires 2/15)

Groove Island 2019

Starting at just $399 $349/person w/ discount code GrooveCruiseChris

$50 off/person using discount code GrooveCruiseChris