Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 on sale, 55% sold out, payment plans from $90

The Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 on sale has been in effect for a couple of months now. With the ship already at over 55% capacity, now is the time to book to secure your cabin at the best prices. Also, booking early gives you more payment plan options is you’d like to pay it off over time.

While the Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 on sale has been live for months, I wanted to revisit it as the 2018 festival season gears up.

Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 on sale

Lots of categories are already sold out. Sailing back to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, this destination has returned due to high demand. Here’s Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 in a nutshell:

  • Dates: October 10-14, 2018
  • Ship: Norwegian Pearl (a GCFAM favorite and recently renovated as part of a $400 million upgrade to the NCL fleet)
  • Port/Destination: San Diego, California, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Beverage packages for the first time on the west coast
  • Exclusive Artist & Guest Experiences
  • Infamous Themed Parties
    Luxurious Haven Suites available
  • 50+ artists
  • 9 stages
  • YOU!

Updated Prices

I posted the initial price grid here, but prices have increased and categories have sold out. The image above shows the most recent price grid, but remember, the latest pricing and available information can be found in the reservation system when you book.

Payment Plans from $90

Payment plans for Groove Cruise Cabo are available, but as the event approaches the price and payment options change. As of this post, payment plans are available from $90. This will vary depending on the cabin you choose and the payment plan type you pick. You’ll be able to see the specific details about your payment plan options when you book your cabin.

The ship is 55% sold out

With over 10 months to go, the ship is already over half capacity. Now is the time book because:

  • Cabin choices will only decrease as the event approaches
  • Prices will go up over time
  • Payment plan prices per cabin type will go up as the festival gets closer

Remember, you can stack the available discounts with my discount code GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) for an easy $50 off per person (up to $200/cabin) plus any other discounts you qualify for.