Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Materials and Memorabilia


All over the internet, you can find reviews, photo recaps, and aftermovies from the most popular festivals. But these pieces of content don’t necessarily capture the little details of these events. In this post, I’ve shared a gallery consisting of Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 materials I picked up while aboard the ship.

Details like subtle branding and creative decoration really add to the festival experience. I find Groove Cruise does really well with enhancing the experience aboard the ship by providing meaningful print material other items throughout the cruise.

With events and activities taking place around the clock, the daily “newsletter” conveniently dropped off at your stateroom makes planning your day much easier. It also helps you remember when that blackjack tournament takes place or where to go for deep house yoga.

Most of the memories from a festival, Groove Cruise included, typically come from the intangible experience. These small tangible items add to that experience.

If you’ve never been on Groove Cruise before, the gallery below should help show you the attention to detail on this ship. If you were on GCCABO 2016, check out the pics below for a little trip down memory lane.

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Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Materials Gallery

GCCABO 2016 sailed out of San Diego, California, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.