What are the Groove Cruise Age Requirements?

Short Answer: Groove Cruise attendees must be 21+ years of age.

Long Answer: Groove Cruise is a premium event. In order to create the incomparable atmosphere aboard the world’s largest floating music festival, it is necessary to ensure that all guests can expect to be surrounded by other responsible party-goers.

While average cruises allow those under 21 with certain requirements, Groove Cruise requires all attendees to be 21+ years old.

This creates a great experience for everyone. There are no ID checks after check-in, *most* people know how to pace themselves, and overall, the entire crowd is a bit more upscale – in a “knows how to party harder than everyone, but not get sloppy” kind of way.

If you’re not 21 and eager to get on this ship, don’t worry…it’s worth the wait. Once you’re 21 and onboard, you’ll understand.

groove cruise sun deck