GCMIA Venue: Carnival Victory

carnival victory groove cruise miami

Groove Cruise is taking over yet another ship: the Carnival Victory.

This boat fits squarely within Carnival’s Triumph class and has been recently upgraded – just in time for the GCFAM to take over.

Whet Travel knows what they’re doing when it comes to ship transformations, so be ready to feast your eyes on the level of production about to be outfitted to this vessel.

Groove Cruise’s features are, of course, in addition to what the Carnival Victory already offers.

Like every Groove Cruise ship, the Carnival Victory boasts several dining options with unlimited food…included.

There’s a spa, a fitness center, multiple pools and hot tubs, and more at your disposal.

Don’t forget about the 200+ foot Twister water slide. A bunch of grown up kids, a floating music festival, and a water slide is definitely one awesome combination.

With multiple stateroom types available from interior cabins to all-out suites, there’s a room type for everyone.

Plus, Carnival ships feature a critical component to our round-the-clock raging – pizza 24/7included.

Check out the official Carnival website to see exactly what the Victory has to offer: http://www.carnival.com/cruise-ships/carnival-victory.aspx

Check out my Groove Cruise Miami event page for the details on the latest GCMIA event.

See you on the ship.