Hey, Groove Cruise family! I know a bunch of you are super excited for GCMIA 2015 because you have already booked your cabins (awesome!); however, I know that many of you are waiting for some reason or another.

I should inform you – there is no good reason to wait!

Groove Cruise Miami 2015 cabin prices will increase $100 PER PERSON on September 30!

Don’t wait for the lineup (you don’t want to be that guy…or girl), don’t wait for your indecisive friends…just don’t wait. Commit yourself to having the best party experience you’ll ever have, period.

Book Groove Cruise Miami 2015 now, save yourself from the price increase, and save yourself an extra $50 per person by using my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris. (How do I use this code?)

See you on the ship! (And I better not hear that you waited too long and had to pay $100/person more!)

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