GCLA 2014 SOLD OUT and Sets Sail TODAY!

Thousands of Groove Cruisers are flooding the LA cruise port right now already costumed up and ready to rage. For several months, eager EDM fans have been planning, preparing, and bragging to their friends about this incredible experience.

This is Groove Cruise LA’s second sailing and it is looking to be the biggest Groove Cruise event to date.

With a brand new ship, 2 onboard pool parties, a NIGHT beach party, and a lineup with 69+ artists, GCLA 2014 reminds everyone what a premier floating festival should be.

If you’re reading this and didn’t book your GCLA cabin, then I urge you to go ahead and book your cabin for GCMIA 2015. Use my coupon code GrooveCruiseCruise for $50 off/person up to $200 off/cabin. (How do I use this code?)

Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until next year’s Groove Cruise LA event.

Either way, be sure to sign up for my VIP list where I send all my friends the latest pre-sale info!

Groove Cruise LA 2014 Lineup gclax 2014 2 gclax 2014