GCCABO 2016 & GCMIA 2017 Beats Giveaway Rules

Check out the actual giveaway page here.

Just so there’s no confusion, I’m outlining the rules of the giveaway below. I hope I didn’t miss anything, but I’ve made the giveaway pretty straightforward. I’ll update this page if there’s something significant to add.

Who’s Behind this Giveaway

Just me 🙂 The Groove Cruise, Beats, or any of their affiliates have nothing to do with this giveaway. This is just my way of trying to give back to the GCFAM.

You Agree to These Rules

By participating in the giveaway, you agree to these rules. I don’t want anyone upset if they didn’t read this page, so be sure to review it so that we’re all on the same page.

Who Can Enter

This giveaway is open to US residents only who are at least 21 years old (at the time of sailing). Sorry, my international GCFAM members – it just costs too much ship the headphones overseas, and then there’s the whole dealing with international customs ordeal.

For the purposes of this giveaway, I’m going to consider the owner of the primary email address on the cabin booking as then entrant. Whether you book a solo spot or a quad cabin, your single reservation will be your entry into the giveaway. It will count as one entry (i.e. 1 cabin booking = 1 entry), regardless of how many people are noted on your cabin booking.

What You Can Win

There will be 2 grand prize winners – 1 for GCCABO 2016, and 1 for GCMIA 2017. I’ll be sending each of these winners a pair of Beats headphones for everyone listed on their cabin booking. For example, if you’re the winner and you booked a double cabin, I’ll send you 2 pairs of Beats headphones. If you’re the winner and you booked a quad cabin, I’ll send you 4 pairs of Beats headphones. However, if you’re the winner and you made a solo/shared booking, I will send you 1 pair of Beats headphones, despite the fact that you may be placed in a cabin with a number of members from the GCFAM. The total number of pairs of Beats headphones the winners will receive will be determine by the number of people noted on their cabin booking.

The actual model and color of Beats headphones will be at my discretion. They will be headphones (not earphones), but the exact model(s) and color(s) the winners will receive will be decided at random by myself.

Note: There is a max of 4 pairs of Beats headphones per winner.

When Does This Giveaway Run?

This giveaway will have 2 winner selections from 2 overlapping periods. I’ve noted the timeframes below.

GCCABO 2016 Giveaway – Runs from the time cabin booking begins (determined by the Groove Cruise organizers) through September 30, 2016, or the ship sells out, whichever occurs first.

GCMIA 2017 Giveaway – Runs from the time cabin booking begins (determined by the Groove Cruise organizers) through December 31, 2016, or the ship sells out, whichever occurs first.

Your entry must be received within this timeframe to be entered in the giveaway. By received, I’m using the timestamp on my records as the official time of your entry.

How Do I Enter?

Entry is simple. When you go to book your GCCABO 2016 or GCMIA 2017 cabin, you will be presented with the opportunity to enter a discount code. Just enter my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris, at this time and complete your booking.

I’ve put together a tutorial outlining exactly how to do this.

You’ll save $50/person ($100/person if you booked a suite), and you’ll be automatically entered in the giveaway for your respective event. As noted above, your cabin booking is your entry. If you book more than 1 cabin using that email address, then you’ll receive an entry for every cabin booking that uses my discount code. There is no limit on the number of entries one person can have, though the total number of entries are obviously limited by the ship’s capacity.

To my knowledge, I only get the booking information from those who book through the online reservation systems. That means you should only consider yourself entered if you book online. However, if you really want to book over the phone, you can still use my discount code for $50 off/person, but you won’t be entered into the giveaway.

Winner Selection and Notification

About a week after the timeframe for each event ends, I’ll gather all of the entries and put them in a spreadsheet, then I’ll use https://www.random.org/ to generate a number within the range of entries by clicking once. The number displayed will determine the winner for the giveaway.

I’ll do this once for GCCABO 2016 entrants and once for GCMIA 2017 entrants.

I’ll notify the winner via the primary email noted on their cabin booking, and the winner must respond by the end of the 2nd calendar day following my notification. I will contact the winner from chris (at) groovecruisechris (dot) com, so be sure this address is added to your safe sender list. If the winner does not respond within this timeframe, I will select another winner using the method noted above. If I don’t receive a response after notifying 3 winners, then I’ll cancel the giveaway for the respective event. So, be sure to check your email, guys.

Oh, and if you book a cabin (or multiple cabins) for both events, then you’re obviously entered for the giveaway for both events. BUT, if you win one, you can’t win the other. That would be a crazy coincidence, but let’s agree to spread the wealth. It’s the PLUR thing to do.

Once I hear from the winners, I’ll arrange to ship the Beats headphones to them prior to the respective sailing; however, I do not guarantee that I can get them to you before the ship sets sail, especially if I have to contact multiple people before hearing back from a winner. I’ve tried to pick an end time for the giveaways that allows me to ship them to you before the ship sets sail, but just know that you may receive the Beats headphones after you return. But seriously, I’m going to do my best to get them to you beforehand.


Sometimes, there are situations out of my control that really put a damper on things. If for any reason I have to cancel this giveaway, well, then, I have to cancel the giveaway. If I have to do that, I’ll be just as sad as you (if not more, because I spent a lot money on these headphones!), but at least you’ll still be booked for one of the best experiences of your life and will have saved $50/person during the process.



If you have any questions or feel that I missed anything, please let me know as others might have your same question. I’ll be happy to answer, and that information should be considered in addition to the rules on this page which I will likely update if the info is material.

Check out the actual giveaway page here.