Full Moon Party Tips

We’ve put together a huge list of Full Moon Party tips and FAQs to answer common questions and make sure that you’re well-prepared to have a good time. Like any big party or festival, there are certain things to be mindful of that will improve your experience.

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Full Moon Party Tips

  • Passports: Do not take your original passport with you. It is usually best to keep it securely locked up at the hostel, guesthouse, or hotel you’re staying at. If you insist on bringing the original copy of your passport with you, then consider keeping it in a money belt, staying out of the water, and ensuring that you remain in the right state of mind to protect your property.
  • Valuables and Bags: Do not bring anything to the party that you are not willing to lose. It is common for people to simply drop items or set bags down and forget them.There is always the possibility of pickpockets. If you choose to carry a bag, make sure it is securely closed and secured to your body to prevent prying hands or snatching. Use the same common sense you would on a crowded subway in a foreign city.
  • Money: You’ll need some money for the party, but there’s no need to bring large sums. The currency in Thailand is Thai Baht. You can get Baht from ATMs prior to the party. Just bring what you need for the night and keep it on you (not in a bag). Leave the rest, including your credit and debit cards, securely locked up at the hostel, guesthouse, or hotel you’re staying at.
  • Hostel/Guesthouse/Hotel/Resort Contact Details: Write down or save your accommodation address and contact details. This may help you get home safely and know who to contact in case of an emergency.
  • Flip Flops/Shoes: There could be glass or other sharp objects in the sand or on the roads. Be sure to wear shoes or flip flops that will protect your feet. If you choose to wear flip flops, try to wear some that have a strap. Many people lose flip flops on the beach.
  • Phones and Cameras: Use the same common sense you would for other valuables. Since these devices record memories of your Full Moon Party experience, be sure to pay extra attention to them and keep them safe. If possible, secure them with a passcode lock, and have your photos/videos automatically back up when connected to internet.
  • Drugs: Thailand has a zero tolerance policy for drugs.
  • Drinks: When buying buckets or bottles, make sure your bottles are new and sealed.
  • Strangers: You will meet some amazing people in Thailand, but do not trust everyone (locals or foreigners). Be sure not to eat, drink, or consume anything offered by strangers. This will help keep you and your stuff safe.
  • Noise: Booking accommodation right on Sunrise Beach in Haad Rin makes getting to and from the Full Moon Party (and anywhere in Haad Rin) more convenient, but you risk not being able to sleep because of the noise if you choose not to stay out all night. There are lots of places in the Haad Rin area that aren’t right on Sunrise Beach. You can still get around and to/from the party by walking, but the noise won’t be an issue. You can also stay farther away and just use a taxi to get to/from the Full Moon Party/Haad Rin area.
  • Clean Up: Parties are messy, so do your part by cleaning up after yourself and using garbage cans. Don’t throw anything in the water - that’s not cool. The locals on this island help create an unforgettable experience, so let’s not trash their home.
  • Good Vibes: Finally, and this goes without saying, bring good vibes. Everyone is here to have a good time, so stay positive, enjoy the music, and dance. Don’t be a bro, chav, lad, or anything similar where you’re from.

Keep these Full Moon Party tips in mind to make the most of your Thailand adventure.

Full Moon Party FAQ

Where is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party takes place on Sunrise Beach in the Haad Rin area of Koh Phangan, Thailand. This is a beautiful beach at the southern end of an island off the east coast of Thailand.

Check out the Travel Guide to learn exactly where the party is and how to get here.

When is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party takes place roughly once a month (sometimes, twice) on the date of the Full Moon. Visit the Dates page to find out exactly when the Full Moon Party is scheduled.

How long does the Full Moon Party last?

The island starts to fill up days before the event, and you can feel the anticipation. On the evening of the full moon, the party really starts to take off at sunset. It lasts throughout the night (especially through sunrise) and into the next afternoon.

How much does the Full Moon Party cost?

Currently, there is a 100 Baht entrance fee collected at the main entrance. That is less than a meal a fast food restaurant. You can use the XE Currency Converter to see just how much this is in your local currency.

Can I stay in Koh Samui, but still attend the party?

Yes. Please view the Travel Guide for details on staying in Koh Samui and safely getting to/from the Full Moon Party.

Can I stay elsewhere in Koh Phangan (not in Haad Rin), but still attend the party?

Yes. Please view our Travel Guide for details on staying in elsewhere on the island and safely getting to/from the Full Moon Party.

Can I sleep on the beach?

It is not safe to sleep on the beach. Make sure to plan your accommodation accordingly so that you have a safe place to sleep, when needed.

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Can I come to the island for only 1 night during the Full Moon Party?

If you choose to just show up during the evening of the Full Moon Party, you risk 1) not having a place to stay, or 2) paying a very expensive price for a room.

Book your Full Moon Party accommodation in advance ensures that you get the best prices and you have somewhere to sleep.

Most places on Koh Phangan have a minimum stay requirement during the Full Moon Party of 3-5 (sometimes up to 7) nights. Each hostel, guesthouse, hotel, or resort will have its own policy.

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