Full Moon Party September Weather

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular events is Asia organized for travelers and backpackers. Thousands of people take part in the Full Moon Party every month. The weather is nice around the year in Koh Phangan but some months are more popular amongst travelers.

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Full Moon Party September Weather

Septembers in Koh Phangan are good for partying all night. There may be some rain but even during the rain, the party keeps going. The temperatures are hot during day and night so you can only wear light clothes. No need to carry jacket or warm clothes in a bag with you. You should always pack light to Thailand anyways.

Daytime temperatures will be close to or over 30 Celsius while nights are almost as warm. Koh Phangan is a tropical paradise and every tropical paradise has some rainy days that keeps up the exotic atmosphere. You can enjoy the beach activities during Full Moon Party even if it’s raining. And during bad storms, you can always party in the venues and clubs near the main party beach.

Weather never stops anyone from coming to Koh Phangan and partying, so it shouldn’t stop you, either. There will be thousands of people there every month regardless.

When should I visit the Full Moon Party?

Most people will recommend February, March, and April if you ask when is the best time to take part in the Full Moon Party. This is because those months aren’t as rainy as the other months, but it’s also not as hot as the summer months. Weather may be perfect during these months, but it will be also a lot more crowded. February to April is peak season in Koh Phangan and there may be tens of thousands of people at the Full Moon Party. Despite September being in the rainy season, you will still have a fun time at the Full Moon Party during this month.

Just enjoy the party whether it’s sunny or rainy. That’s what everyone else will be doing!

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