Full Moon Party Paint ideas and designs

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Dark nights, black lights and people painting their bodies full of colorful glowing images. The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular festivals in Thailand and Asia. If you haven’t yet added it to your bucket list, now is the time. Read more about the party from our website. Colorful paints are one of the most important parts of the Full Moon Party. Travelers come to the island wearing interesting body paints or they buy the paint on Koh Phangan and paint each other with cool designs. This post gives you some ideas of cool paintings to use in the Koh Phangan.

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Full Moon Party paint ideas

You can paint whatever designs you’d like on yourself and your friends. Keep reading for some inspiration.

Dots, lines, and twirls

The most traditional Full Moon Party paintings are also the most basic ones. Lines of dots that follow the natural shape of your eyebrows are popular amongst girls. Lines, circles, and different types of twirls are also often seen in all parts of people’s bodies. The more paint you have on the better it usually is. If you are good at painting or know someone who has the skills, pretty flowers taking over your whole leg or arm are also cool.

“Badass” designs

Men go often for the more badass designs like flames, skulls, or dragons. These Full Moon Party designs are harder to make but you can always make professional to paint them for you. Important thing is that these designs take over a huge area of your body. They should also look good at daylight because you have to carry them on your body the day after Full Moon Party until you can wash the paint off.

Tell more about yourself

You can also make a statement or tell something about yourself with the painting on your body. Flags of travelers’ home countries are popular ones but only your imagination is the limit. Write your name, funny message or quote you love. Draw images that continues from you to your second half like a heart that is partly in your hand and partly in your girlfriend’s hand.

Funny, idiotic, and regrettable

When you let someone else paint you be always careful. They can’t hurt you but it’s not nice to walk around with vulgarities on your face. Sometimes you may decide to paint something huge and colorful to your own skin but make sure first that you really know how to draw with the body paints. Also, keep in mind that some people may be allergic to the paints. Start by trying it to your hand and continue then painting other parts of your body.

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