Full Moon Party May Weather

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular events for backpackers and travelers in Thailand. This party happens once a month during the full moon on an island called Koh Phangan. This post covers the weather in May at the Full Moon Party.

Because the Full Moon Party is held around the year, you can easily decide the time you want to visit and experience a fun night on the beach. If you don’t know a lot about the Full Moon Party, we recommend you start by reading our articles and guides.

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Full Moon Party May Weather

May is the start of summer in Thailand, so it can get very warm. The average daytime temperature may be over 30°C and nights can also be warm. It also rains a bit more than earlier in the year. The driest season is over and so there will be rainy days, but they are typically short tropical rains and often help to bring the temps down.

Hot and rainy weather in the Full Moon Party

Partying in paradise has its positive sides but also negative sides. One of the biggest negative sides is quickly changing weather. In May, Koh Phangan has rainy days and sunny days. You will never know if the Full Moon Party day will be clear or not. The best option is to just go and enjoy whatever the weather is. That’s what everyone else will be doing. Partying in the rain can be a fun and unique experience, as well.

When should I visit the Full Moon Party?

Usually, people recommend February, March, and April as the best times to visit Koh Phangan and the Full Moon Party. However, these are the months when there are also the most people around. Thousands of tourists and travelers arrive at the island and it can get crowded. May is more rainy and hotter than those three months during the peak season. But, there aren’t as many people. In general, any month and time are good for visiting the Full Moon Party. It’s warm in Thailand around the year so you can have a good experience whenever you visit.

Plan your own Full Moon Party trip

Use our website and plan your own Full Moon Party holiday. We offer a lot of tips and guides about anything concerning the Full Moon Party and Koh Phangan. Read more about hotels, activities, the party itself and transportation. Don’t forget to check the next Full Moon Party dates to see when the party will be held during May. May is a busy month in Koh Phangan so remember to book your accommodation early.

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