Full Moon Party June Weather

Is the Full Moon Party already on your bucket list? Maybe you want to visit Thailand and this iconic event this summer. In that case, we can offer you all information you want to know about the party. Just read our Full Moon Party tips and learn everything you have to know. This article talks about the weather in Koh Phangan in June, but if you haven’t yet decided the date of your visit, keep an eye out for our other weather posts.

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Full Moon Party June Weather

June is the first proper summer month in Koh Phangan. It may sound funny that there are summer months in Thailand because it’s always hot here, but the average temperature will rise a few Celsius during this time. It’s not very rainy in June during the Full Moon Parties, but for some people, the heat is too much. On average the temperatures can rise to over 30°C. Even the nights are hot, and you can’t escape the weather in an outdoor party.

If you want to spend a holiday in paradise, the weather in June is perfect for your Full Moon Party trip. Just enjoy the sun and hot climate. If there is rain, it will be over fast, and it will even bring the temps down. Because the Full Moon Party happens at night, it’s cooler anyways.

When should I visit the Full Moon Party?

Thailand and Koh Phangan are nice places to visit around the year. It’s never cold and the weather is tropical and beautiful. However, it rains a lot (as it does in most, if not every, tropical area). This is why many people recommend February, March, or April as the best time to visit the Full Moon Party. It’s not raining as much during these months. Weather in June is also a good for the Full Moon Party, but the temperatures may be too high for partying especially if you are originally from a colder country. If you don’t have a choice, and June is when you’ll be in Thailand, don’t even think twice about the weather.

This is one party you do not want to miss.

Plan your own Full Moon Party trip

Our website is here to help you with planning perfect Full Moon Party holiday. We have several articles talking about all the necessary information you will need. Book your accommodation early with our recommendations or find a way to visit Koh Phangan even from farther away cities in Thailand. See all the upcoming Full Moon Party dates, and read general tips for the party.

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