Full Moon Party Hotels in Koh Phangan

One of the most important things to remember when planning your Full Moon Party trip is to book the right accommodation. There are several Full Moon Party hotels and you just have to pick out the most fitting for you. In this article, we will list a few of these hotels. Remember to book your hotel early because the most popular places will be sold out early.

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Full Moon Party Hotels

This isn’t a comprehensive list of Full Moon Party hotels, but this will give you an idea of accommodation available on the island.

La Casa Tropicana

This Full Moon Party hotel is a little farther away from the party area but a perfect option for those who are going to stay on the island for a little longer. You have sea view options and can spend time in idyllic bungalows. Everything is luxurious and beautiful. La Casa Tropicana is about halfway from the Full Moon beach to the city center, so you can easily visit both and anywhere on the Koh Phangan.

Delight Resort

You can’t find many luxurious resort hotels right next to the Full Moon Party beach but Delight Resort is one of the few. This modern jungle-styled Full Moon Party hotel is fully equipped with everything from TVs and cozy rooms to an exotic pool. It’s easy to have a break from partying because they are located right next to the Full Moon Party beach.

Same Same Guesthouse

This guesthouse may not be the most luxurious but it’s definitely one of the best Full Moon Party hotels. Same Same Guesthouse‘s restaurant and live music venue is well-known as one of the must-visit places during the Full Moon Party if you want to listen to live music. Performers play cover songs while guests can dance and have a good time with other travelers near the Full Moon Party beach.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Use our website to plan your own Full Moon Party trip. Start by checking the future Full Moon Party dates and book then accommodation fitting for you. Remember to read more about the transportation to Koh Phangan island and about other things to do on this paradise island.

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