Full Moon Party Fire Jump Rope

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The Full Moon Party fire jump rope is an iconic element of Koh Phangan’s famous beach rave.

For those of you who haven’t heard or been to a Full Moon Party, let me give you some suggestions and tips on how to stay safe and avoid getting hurt or injured. The Full Moon Party is a legendary beach party that is known around the world for its crazy and fun activities. It’s a great big festival-like party that involves thousands of people from different parts of the world.

The beach is lined up with people selling food and drinks. There are fire performers every couple of meters and a whole lot of daring activities that involve fire. One of the most illustrious and crazy activities is the fire jump rope.

Full Moon Party Fire Jump Rope

The fire jump rope is a very long skipping rope that has been set on fire. There are two people – one on each side – who are repeatedly swinging it around while enthusiasts jump in when they’re brave enough.

People become more daring when they have been partying hard. Every year the fire jump rope causes several injuries during the Full Moon Party. Even if are good at jumping rope, you could still end up injured since there are no rules, you’re jumping on sand, and there are others trying to jump, too. So, if you decide to try it, be careful. Chances are, your travel insurance will not cover a burn from this activity. Some other alternatives are the fire limbo or the slide (they probably won’t cover injuries from those, either).

Other Tips

There is also the beautiful beach that you might be tempted to take a dive in. After partying hard all night, people tend to use it as their personal toilet, so stay out of the water. Other safety tips include keeping your valuables in the hotel room. There is a chance of loss or theft (like any big event) during this party so just bring the essentials. Visit the tips page for more ways to stay safe and have a good time.

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