Full Moon Party Ferry Advice

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The Full Moon Party is a popular event in Asia drawing thousands of travelers to the island of Koh Phangan every month. Because Koh Phangan doesn’t have their own airport, you have to travel there using a ferry transfer.

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Full Moon Party ferry advice

Most ferries coming to Koh Phangan go to Thong Sala pier. There are a few ferry companies having transportation between Koh Samui and Haad Rin pier right next to the Full Moon Party beach. You can also take a ferry from Surat Thani if you are staying on the mainland Thailand. Remember to book the ferry to Haad Rin if you don’t want to take a short taxi ride to the Full Moon Party area. Arriving at Thong Sala pier is not an inconvenience however, as the taxi infrastructure is strong and will get you to the Full Moon Party with no issues.

Be careful when buying the ferry ticket

You can buy tickets from travel agencies or ferry companies. You can easily do this onn Koh Samui or Surat Thani but also in other major cities of Thailand (or even online). Just remember that the cheapest options also have reports of being unsafe. The ferries are packed too full of people wanting to go to the Full Moon Party. Just pay a little more and take the safer ferry. We recommend Lomprayah. Another option is to travel to Koh Phangan a day early when there isn’t as much traffic on the ferries. Then just book your accommodation and spend an extra day sightseeing around the island.

Make sure you use the last ferry or have booked accommodation

Sometimes you can hear of people who plan to spend the night on the beach in Koh Phangan. This is not safe. Always check carefully the ferry schedules so you won’t miss the last ferry. One option is to book accommodation and leave during the next day. Going back to Koh Phangan with the last ferry isn’t unsafe because there is a lot of people using it with you. However, you have to leave the party before it has even started.

Staying overnight in accommodation book on Koh Phangan is the best option.

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After finding and booking the ferry and planning your trip, remember to read our other guides about the Full Moon Party. We can give you many important tips like how to dress, where to stay or what to do before or after the party in Koh Phangan. Learn everything you need to know about the Full Moon Party and be ready to enjoy this unique rave in Thailand! Check upcoming dates here.

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