Full Moon Party February Weather

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular activities to do in Thailand and you shouldn’t skip it whatever the season or weather is in Koh Phangan. This island, like most of Thailand, is always a warm place to have your holiday and enjoy the beach party happening once a month. If you are not sure when to visit the Full Moon Party, use our website to plan your holiday and pick out the perfect time for you. But if you already know that your holiday will be during February, keep reading and find out what kind of weather will be in Koh Phangan.

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Full Moon Party February Weather

Most people recommend that you visit the Full Moon Party during springtime between February and April. The weather in Koh Phangan in February is ideal for partying. Rainy months have ended in January, but the hot season hasn’t yet started. There may be small storms that end quickly but mostly the weather is nice. Peak season means that there will be a lot more people than during the other months of the year. If you are one of those people who believe in “the more the merrier”, February is the perfect time for you to visit the Full Moon Party.

Not too rainy, but not too dry either

February in Koh Phangan isn’t rainy but it’s also not dry. Summers in Thailand and Koh Phangan can get warm. The weather is always nice if you want to dance, spend time in the crowds, and watch fire shows. The temperature in February is still near 30°C but it’s not as distressing as during the summer months. Either way, the party happens overnight where the temperatures drop and the breeze blows in from the ocean.

When should I travel to the Full Moon Party?

Springtime is perfect for your Thailand holiday and partying in Koh Phangan. February is a popular time for people to celebrate the Full Moon Party and there is a lot of tourists having fun in Koh Phangan.

Plan your own Full Moon Party trip

Use our resources and plan your own trip to the Full Moon Party. Read more about the party, activities you can try, and transportation. Don’t forget to check the Full Moon Party dates for next February because this festival only happens once a month during the full moon. Lastly, remember to book your accommodation. Have an amazing time in Thailand and party your worries away under the full moon!

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