What is the Full Moon Party experience like?

If you have found this article, you have probably heard of the famous Full Moon Party that happens once a month in Thailand. Are you interested to hear more about this crazy festival? In that case, keep reading or check out our general Full Moon Party guide and tips. Maybe you can take part to the next exotic party in Asia.

Enjoy the Full Moon Party experience

The Full Moon Party happens once a month in Thailand on an island named Koh Phangan. Thailand’s islands are well known as paradise-like destinations full of beautiful beaches, warm weather, and idyllic towns. Koh Phangan is a perfect example of these paradise islands, and you can have a good time on the island if you want to stay for longer. The Full Moon Party lasts one night usually during the full moon, but most people spend a few days in Koh Phangan because most hostels require a stay of over three nights. Learn more about accommodation on the island and be sure to book in advance.

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Meet travelers from all around the world

You can meet travelers from all around the world in the Full Moon Party because there are thousands of people taking part in this wild festival every month. Take a ferry from different parts of Thailand to Koh Phangan and get to know people who are visiting Thailand for this once a lifetime experience. Paint yourself with neon colors or let your new friends help.

Music, dancing, and fun activities

After you have found new friends it’s time to start the party. Many people come to Koh Phangan a good few hours before the party and enjoy beach life waiting for the start of the party. After sunset, you can dance on the beach with other people dressed in colorful clothes and bodies full of neon color paintings. There are black lights everywhere, and it makes the experience even more magical. If bad weather surprises you, just go inside to one of the clubs next to the Full Moon Party beach. Live music, world-class DJs, fire jump ropes, and travelers losing their minds all come together for this one relaxed night.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Use our website and start planning your own Full Moon Party holiday. Begin by checking the next Full Moon Party dates and times you can visit this festival in Koh Phangan. Read our guides about the party, transportation, weather around the year in Koh Phangan, what to wear, and more.

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