Follow Groove Cruise on Snapchat

Groove Cruise Snapchat

There are a ton of ways to connect with Groove Cruise. I’ve written an article here with links to their official social media profiles, as well as information on how to join their mailing list, but today, I want to remind you that you can follow Groove Cruise on Snapchat.

Snapchat, the wildly popular picture and video sharing service known for being able to follow a user’s “Story”, provides the perfect platform for you to stay on top of the action during each Groove Cruise sailing.

Simply add the Groove Cruise to your friends, and you’ll gain access to unique POV (point of view) video clips in real time aboard each Groove Cruise event.

Aftermovies and teasers are great, but here is just one more way to immerse yourself in the experience, especially if you can’t make it aboard the ship.

So, go ahead and add Groove Cruise now on Snapchat.

Snapchat is available on iOS via the iTunes Store and Android via Google Play.