First Deck of Denial announced for Groove Cruise Miami 2018

The “Deck of Denial” is the first event of its kind to be hosted aboard Groove Cruise Miami. Organized by Denial Events, there will be two special events aboard GCMIA that offers an experience above and beyond the base Groove Cruise experience.

If you haven’t heard of Denial Events, don’t feel bad. I haven’t either, but with a little digging, I uncovered some information that leaves me with no doubt that they know what they’re doing.

Denial Events appears to be an event organizer that specializes in VIP experiences that, well, take VIP to a whole new level. Since they cater to an exclusive, high-profile audience, their name and brand may not be recognized instantly by the masses.

However, it looks like they’ve hosted extra special VIP experiences at EDC in Las Vegas as well as Wynwood Fear Factory in Miami.

Anyways, former GC staff member Rafi is a part of the Denial Events team. With what I know about Rafi from working with him for years to the impressive resume of Denial Events VIP experiences, I’m confident the Deck of Denial will absolutely deliver.

How Denial Events is enhancing the Groove Cruise experience

Groove Cruise has always offered an incredible experience in the cabin fare. While the Deck of Denial is a premium option, its presence benefits everyone. Here’s some cool facts that the Groove Cruise organizers shared on the experience:

  • The venue on the ship, Viking Crown Lounge, was not going to be used at the time that Denial approached us about using the venue, so it made sense as this is an enhancement for those that want to go, and it won’t deter from anyone’s Groove Cruise experience.
  • You know the infamous suite parties that everyone on Groove Cruise has? Think of Deck of Denial as this.
  • Denial is hosting the island stage on CocoCay and has assisted with artist bookings. This enhances the Groove Cruise experience greatly as these artists wouldn’t be on Groove Cruise at all if it weren’t for Denial. 
  • There will be some surprise artists on the Denial lineup Friday and Saturday that will be announced on the ship that are not on the GCMIA lineup. All of these artists will also be playing surprise sets for free onboard GCMIA, so keep your eyes out throughout the weekend for these pop up sets!

Deck of Denial details

Here’s what you need to know about the Groove Cruise Miami 2018 Deck of Denial:

  • 2 events on 2 nights: Friday January 26 & Saturday January 27
  • This is an overnight party taking place from 10pm to sunrise
  • Private exclusive lineup for Deck of Denial attendees only
  • Impromptu B2B’s from the festivals biggest headliners
  • Complimentary champagne bar
  • Enhanced production and sound
  • 360 degree panoramic views from the floor to ceiling windows
  • Much, much more! 


If you want in on this experience, here’s what it will cost:

  • Pre-sale per night: $75 male, $50 female
  • Pre-sale both nights: $100 male, $75 female
  • Onboard: $150 male, $100 female

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Groove Cruise Miami 2018 is sold out

It was recently announced that the 2018 edition of Groove Cruise Miami is sold out. If you booked your cabin, I’ll see you on the ship! If you missed this ship, keep an eye on Groove Cruise Cabo 2018. CABO18 will be sailing in October from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas aboard the Norwegian Pearl. The on-sale begins on November 16, 2017.

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