Drink Package Price for Groove Cruise Miami 2018

This is a brand new offering available to the GCFAM sailing aboard Groove Cruise Miami 2018. I don’t know if this is a one-time thing, a test run, or a Royal Caribbean exclusive (because this year’s ship is the Enchantment of the Seas).

But, I do know that there will be an unlimited drink package offered aboard GCMIA 2018. Keep reading for details on what’s included and the drink package price for Groove Cruise Miami 2018.

Drink Package Price

I know when I say unlimited drinks, the first question many of you will have is, “How much will this cost?”

The answer: $67 per person/person + 18% gratuities

OR $237.18/person for the whole event

The breakdown:
$201.00 package cost per day for 3 days
$36.18 automatically added gratuities at 18%
= $237.18 total per person for the trip

Is the Drink Package Worth It?

Of course, the answer is, “It depends.” To save you the mental effort so you can get back to thinking about more important things, I’ve provided some scenarios and done the math to help you determine if the drink package is worth your money.

Scenario 1 – I don’t drink (alcohol)

The drink package includes more than just alcohol. So, if you don’t drink, you can still benefit from unlimited bottled water (still and sparkling), fresh squeezed juices, premium coffee and teas, and soda.

Even though water, coffee, tea, and juice is included in your cabin price, I do recall hearing people on past sailings wishing they didn’t have to pay extra for drink options like soda. If you fall into this group and will be indulging in premium non-alcoholic options, then you may be thinking about the unlimited drink package.

Here’s the math for those who don’t drink alcohol. You can use this breakdown to determine if the package is worth it to you.

Premium non-alcoholic drinks obviously cost less than alcoholic beverages, so you’ll have to consume more to get your money’s worth. For my math, I’m going to use the cost of a premium coffee on a recent sailing, $4.50.

$4.50 + included 18% gratuity = $5.31 per drink

If we take the total drink package cost of $237.18 and divide it by $5.31/drink, the breakeven point is 45 drinks. If we take 45 drinks and divide it by 3 days, we get 15 drinks per day.

Is the drink package worth it? If you think you will drink 15 premium non-alcoholic beverages per day, then the package will be worth it. Otherwise, you’re better off without it and purchasing any premium non-alcoholic beverages a la cart. In this case, I would say no, the drink package is not worth it.

Scenario 2 – I’m not a heavy drinker OR I need help pacing myself

Obviously, if you drink alcohol, then you’ll be considering the drink package more seriously. However, just because you’re a drinker doesn’t necessarily mean the drink package will be worth it.

Do you drink more beer or liquor? Let’s do the math for beer using an example cost of $6 per beer.

$6 + included 18% gratuity = $7.08 per beer

If we take the total drink package cost of $237.18 and divide it by $7.08/beer, the breakeven point is 34 beers. If we take 34 beers and divide it by 3 days, we get almost 12 beers per day.

How about liquor? This breakdown will use $7.95 as the example price.

$7.95 + included 18% gratuity = $9.38 per drink

If we take the total drink package cost of $237.18 and divide it by $9.38/drink, the breakeven point is 26 drinks. If we take 26 drinks and divide it by 3 days, we get almost 9 drinks per day.

If you drink a mixture of beer and liquor, your breakeven point will be somewhere between 9-12 alcoholic beverages per day. Given how long you’re actually awake per day and your typical drinking hours, it’s reasonable to think that the moderate drinker would consume less than this amount.

Is the drink package worth it? For the moderate drinker or the person who needs an external factor helping them consume less alcohol, I would say skip the package and purchase your drinks as desired. Knowing that you didn’t buy into the drink package will keep you from drinking more than the amount it would take to save money with the drink package. Otherwise, you’ll feel silly for spending more than you had to.

Scenario 3 – I drink a lot and need to reduce my expenses

I already did the math for alcoholic beverages above, and if you look at that and know that you’ll consume more than that in a day, then it would be financially better for you to purchase the drink package.

Is the drink package worth it? If you’re consuming more than 9-12 alcoholic beverages per day, then you’ll make out ahead with the drink package.

What Drinks are Included?

The unlimited drink package includes more than just alcohol. You get:

  • Cocktails, spirits, liqueurs, and beer
  • Bottled still and sparkling water
  • Wines (by the glass)
  • Fresh squeezed juices
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails
  • Premium coffees
  • Premium teas
  • Fountain sodas
  • Coca-Cola Freestyle® beverages

You’ll also get a Coca-Cola® souvenir cup.

Note: The unlimited drink package includes any single drink with a value up to $12.

Bonus: If you purchase the unlimited drink package, you’ll also get a 40% discount on bottle wines that cost up to $100, and a 20% discount on bottle wines that cost more than $100.

How to Purchase the Groove Cruise Miami 2018 Drink Package

When you’re making your GCMIA 2018 reservation, you can add the unlimited drink package to your booking. It will add the cost of the drink package for all 3 days to your reservation. You cannot purchase it for a single day.

If you already booked your cabin and want to add the package, you should be able to log into your Whet Travel account and add it to your reservation. If not, reach out to CaptainSupport@WhetTravel.com and they’ll sort you out. You could wait to buy it on the ship, but it will cost more at that time, and that makes all the math I did above point pointless as the breakeven amounts will all be higher.

The full terms and conditions of the unlimited drink package are outlined in the booking engine. Also, no sharing – in case you just came up with a genius plan to game the system. The last day to pre-purchase this package is January 19, 2018.

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