Discounts for Groove Cruise Miami 2018

Over 80% of the Royal Caribbean Enchantment of the Seas is already sold out for GCMIA 2018. In this post, I’m going to go over the available Groove Cruise Miami 2018 discounts.

If you’ve been waiting to book your cabin, just know the cabin selection is dwindling and prices increase monthly as the event approaches. You don’t need to pay in full to lock in your cabin now. You can secure your spot on the ship with just a deposit starting at $200.

For a quick refresher, check out the GCMIA 2018 prices and payment plan details. Then, review the available discounts below to see how they can stack up to save you a bunch of money.

The discounts available for Groove Cruise Miami 2018 include:

  • $50 Off/Person Discount Code
  • $44 Off/Person Female Foursome Discount
  • Squad in a Quad Promotion
  • 5% Off US Military Discount (pending – I’m seeking confirmation on this)

Below are the details on each of these discounts. Check out the GCMIA 2018 festival guide for more event details.

Groove Cruise Miami 2018 Discounts

I’m placing these in a particular order. They go from discounts that apply to everyone to discounts that apply to specific cabin groups or attendees.

Pro tip: You can stack these. That means that you don’t just have to pick one. You can combine discounts for the most savings.

$50 Off/Person Discount Code – GrooveCruiseChris

Discount: Get an instant $50 off per person (up to $200/cabin)! (How do I use this code?)

Everyone can use this on every sailing…always. It’s the code you guys have been using for years for an easy peasy $50 off per person.

How to Redeem: When you’re booking your cabin, just look for the field that says “discount code”. Then, enter GrooveCruiseChris. After you proceed, you’ll see the instantly applied to your total. Here’s a tutorial if you want to see how the process works.

Squad in a Quad

Promotion: If you have four people (whether it’s all guys or a mixed cabin of guys and girls), you qualify for a special promotion. After two people in a cabin, bring two more people for only $300/person. Rolling 4 deep has it’s benefits. This promo is good for a limited time and only while those quad cabins are available.

How to Redeem: Go ahead and start making your reservation like normal. The details on how to take advantage of the “Squad in a Quad” promo will be outlined in the booking system.

$44 Off/Person – Female Foursomes

Discount: Get another $44 off per person for quad cabins made up of all girls.

Ladies, if you’re rolling 4 deep, you can score some serious savings. Use my discount code, take advantage of the “Squad in a Quad” promo above, then snag your $44 off per person for booking a quad cabin with all girls.

How to Redeem: You redeem this discount after completing your booking. Making your cabin booking like normal (don’t forget my discount code – the discounts stack). Once the entire deposit has been paid, all names on the cabin have been entered, and they’ve been reviewed by the Captain Support team, the Female Foursome discount will be applied. I highly recommend reading out to during this process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and they have everything they need from you to process your Female Foursome discount.


Like any promotion, the Groove Cruise organizers have noted that these discounts may be limited and they can change them at any time. Jump on the savings now to avoid missing out. Be sure to check the official site and the booking system for the most accurate and update to date info.

Need some help? Reach out to if you have questions or need help with any of these discounts. Captain Support is always available to help you through the booking process.

Book GCLA 2018 Now

Like I said, GCMIA 2018 is already over 80% sold out. With over 9 months until the event, that definitely says something.

If you haven’t booked your cabin already, know that right now is the best time to book as you’ll get the best price. Prices will only go up as the event approaches. Get the lowest prices, use my discount code, stack the discounts above, and secure your spot now on Groove Cruise Miami 2018.

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