Discounts for Groove Cruise Cabo 2016

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I’m not going to pretend that Groove Cruise isn’t expensive. It is, but it’s completely worth it (and I’ve even done a price comparison here). You can’t put a price on memories, and those are exactly what you’ll create aboard the world’s largest floating music festival.

This year, the west coast event is headed to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, aboard the Norwegian Sun, and the public on-sale started just days ago.

With suites already sold out (via pre-sale purchasers), there are still lots of cabins available, but categories are selling out fast.

We’re all trying to enjoy as many experiences as possible without spending a ton of money. I’m here to help you make your Groove Cruise experience more affordable.

Primary Discount

Extra Discounts

  • Female Foursome: Additional $44 off per person
  • Military Discount: Additional 5% off the cabin cost

For the Extra Discounts:

  • You must meet the criteria for the discount you’d like to claim.
  • You have to email the Groove Cruise Captain Support team at after booking your cabin and let them know what discounts you’d like to take advantage of.

Discount Code Details

I know I share my discount code all over the site, but it really is the best and easiest way to save money on Groove Cruise. By simply using GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?) when booking your cabin, you can get an instant $50 off per person (that’s up to $200 off per cabin). It works for everyone in every cabin type and the discount is applied immediately. Piece of cake.

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Female Foursome Discount Details

If you’re a girl, and the rest of your 4-person cabin is filled with girls, then you’re in luck. You are all eligible for an additional $44 off per person.

To claim this, simply book your cabin (using my discount code). After entering the names of everyone in your cabin, email and let them know you’d like to take advantage of of the Female Foursome discount. They’ll guide you through the process. The Groove Cruise Captain Support team is really, really helpful.

Military Discount Details

Groove Cruise supports our troops, so they’ve implemented a 5% Military Discount for those serving our country.

To apply this discount, just book your cabin (using my discount code) and email a copy of your military ID to the Captain Support team at

Pro-Tip: Combine Discounts

Ready for some rave math? You can combine these discounts for even more savings.

For example:
4- Person Cabin (All Girls): My discount code + Female Foursome
$50/person + $44/person = $94 off/person ($376 off/cabin)

You can combine my discount code with the military discount, too.

Check out the Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 prices (starting at $799/person) and payment plan prices (from $200/month) or the event page for more details. All you need is $200/person as a deposit to guarantee your spot aboard GCCABO 2016.