Check out the Sramanora Waterfall party while at the Full Moon Party

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If you are going for a holiday in Thailand, taking part in the monthly Full Moon Party is a must-do activity. Because most of the hotels, hostels, and resorts in the island of Koh Phangan require a minimum stay of three days or so, we recommend you plan to spend a few days before or after the party on the island. You can do many things from resting on the beach to visiting a waterpark, but the before and after parties are maybe the most popular things to do among those who attend the Full Moon Party. The Sramanora Waterfall Party is one of the best known parties in Koh Phangan after the Full Moon Party.

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What is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is held once a month during the full moon for travelers and tourists on the island of Koh Phangan. This tradition was made originally for backpackers, but locals, tourists, and travelers have added this famous event to their bucket lists. The main aspects of the Full Moon Party are black lights, neon colors, body paintings, world-class DJs, and dancing. You can also try interesting activities like the fire jump rope.

What is the Sramanora Waterfall party?

Normally 2 days after and 2 days before the Full Moon Party, the Ban Kai jungle wakes up and fills up with partying travelers. These full moon pre- and after- parties are really popular ways to spend a few extra days in Koh Phangan. The party area is usually styled with neon psychedelic colors and patterns that make this waterfall party a magical place to be. Like the actual Full Moon Party, you can dance to music played by world-class DJs and musicians.

The party normally lasts from 8 pm until the 8 am next morning. In addition to dancing and listening to music, you can get your body paintings ready for the Full Moon Party, watch acrobatic and fire dancing shows, or eat good local food.

Plan your trip to the Full Moon Party

Use our website to plan your Full Moon Party holiday. Book accommodation on Koh Phangan and check the next party dates before you leave for Thailand. You can also read more about activities to do before and after the party in Koh Phangan or useful tips to remember during the Full Moon Party.

After finding your Full Moon Party, search for upcoming Sramanora Waterfall parties.

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