Check out Slip N’ Fly while at the Full Moon Party

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Have you partied hard at the Full Moon Party and now need something else to do on Koh Phangan? Fortunately, this island is full of interesting activities to try out. Slip N’ Fly is one of these activities you will fall in love with.

What is the Full Moon Party?

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular events for travelers and tourists in Thailand but also in all of Asia. This event has been growing for years and thousands of people take part in it every month. Like the name says, this party happens about once a month during the full moon. The party starts in the afternoon and continues through the entire night until the next morning, and many people keep partying on the beach the whole time. Neon body paint, music, and dancing are some of the main elements in the Full Moon Party.

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What is Slip N Fly?

Slip N’ Fly is, in fact, also a party that happens several times every month. The regular dates for the Slip N’ Fly party are during the full moon and half moon but there are parties almost every week. Check the party dates for Slip N’ Fly. The difference between the Full Moon Party and Slip N’ Fly are clear. Firstly, Slip N’ Fly is a daytime event and it doesn’t last for the whole night. Secondly, while the Full Moon Party is held on the beach, Slip N’ Fly happens in a water park in the middle of the jungle.

The waterpark has everything you would need for an epic party: slides that will make you fly, deep pools, a splash pool, a body board slide, a restaurant, and other activities like a pool table. Travelers gather there to have fun and meet new friends easily. Slip N’ Fly is the perfect place to continue partying after the Full Moon Party.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

Use our website to plan your own Full Moon Party holiday in Koh Phangan. Read our recommendations for hostel and hotels to book accommodation that is the best for you. Then just decide the best Full Moon Party date for your trip and read more about the activities you can try in Koh Phangan. If you want something like Slip N’ Fly, Challenge Phangan, Jungle Experience, and the Sramanora Waterfall party may interest you.

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