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Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Materials and Memorabilia

All over the internet, you can find reviews, photo recaps, and aftermovies from the most popular festivals. But these pieces of content don’t necessarily capture the little details of these events. In this post, I’ve shared a gallery consisting of Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 materials I picked up while aboard the ship. Details like subtle…

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Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Aftermovie 1024x576

Here’s GCCABO 2016 in Beautiful 4K – My Groove Cruise Cabo Aftermovie

Less than 2 weeks ago, I stepped off the ship after the longest rave I’ve ever attended. My Groove Cruise Cabo aftermovie presents an attendee’s perspective of the Halloween weekend festivities that went down aboard the Norwegian Sun. The event went on for 120 straight hours at multiple venues on and off the ship. Parties…

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Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Set Times Friday 815x1024

Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Set Times

Have you ever been planning for a 2-3 day land-based festival, then got the set times, then realized how many conflicts you’re going to have? Those festivals have anywhere from 8-12 hours of music programmed per day. Imagine the first-world raver problems of having to plan for 5 days of 24 hours a music per…

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OZ Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 892x1024

Whet Oasis Presents OZ, Open Decks Set Times Available

This announcement came as a surprise to me, and it’s definitely intriguing. I’m used to the Electric Jellyfish lounge on Groove Cruise sailings. This UV lit decompression area featured ambient electronic music, comfy seating, and candy all set inside what appears to be a giant jellyfish. Another new concept for Groove Cruise, “Whet Oasis presents:…

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Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Introduces Brunch

Just announced is a brand new concept for Groove Cruise – special Brunch sessions. Now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. The GCFAM stays up late and not everyone gets in time for breakfast. What’s the next best thing? Brunch. Of course, it’s Groove Cruise and that means that there’s food available…

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groove cruise cabo official pre party 922x1024

GCCABO Official Bon Voyage Party Details Announced

For some of you, 5 days of music programmed around the clock may not be enough. Waiting until October 28 to get the GCCABO party started might be too long. No worries. Groove Cruise just announced that there will be an official Bon Voyage Party the night before the Norwegian Sun sets sail to Mexico.…

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gccabo breathless night venue

Cabo Night Party Venue: Breathless Resort

With about a month left until Groove Cruise Cabo 2016, we are still getting treated to news about what this adventure will entail. What do we know? New port city to explore (San Diego) Pre-party at OMNIA (next post) New ship (Norwegian Sun) Extended duration (5 nights – 120 straight hours) New destination (Cabo San…

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pool party lineup groove cruise cabo

Dubfire Announced as GCCABO Pool Party Special Guest

It’s easy to get caught up in the summer festival season hype and forget that as the summer festivals come a close, what I like to call Groove Cruise Season is just beginning. Starting with Groove Cruise Cabo at the end of October and finishing with Groove Cruise Miami in January, the #GCFAM keeps the…

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Phase 2 Lineup Drops for Groove Cruise Cabo 2016

Did you know there was going to be a phase 2 drop to add to GCCABO 2016’s lineup? I didn’t until a few days ago. Now, with phase 2 of the Groove Cruise Cabo lineup revealed, we have an even better idea of who’s going to laying down the beats during the 120 hours aboard…

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official hotel groove cruise cabo 2016 723x1024

Hard Rock Hotel San Diego Announced as Official GCCABO Hotel

Like many large EDM festivals, Groove Cruise tends to be an all year experience. From stalking social media channels for announcements, lineup reveals, and other details to keeping in touch with festie besties throughout the year, the #GCFAM keeps the energy going all year long. That’s why official hotel announcements are so anticipated. It’s a chance to…

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