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How do I Join the Groove Cruise Waitlist?

Groove Cruise can never come soon enough. In between events before tickets are on sale, you have the option of joining their official waitlist. This will ensure that you’re kept up to date on Groove Cruise news and dates. To join their waitlist, head over to the official Groove Cruise website, If the event…

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Where Can I Get a Groove Cruise Access Code?

If you’re a looking for an “access code” or “token” for Groove Cruise, chances are you’re trying to use the booking engine before it’s available to the public. If you’re not in the Blind Faith Mafia, haven’t purchased a pre-sale, or aren’t a past attendee, then chances are you won’t have an access code and…

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Do I Have to Attend the Port Party?

Groove Cruise perfectly marries a music festival, cruise line amenities, and travel. There is a strong bond between electronic music culture and travel. Part of the excitement of attending massive music festivals is experience the destination where the venue is located. Whether that’s Miami, Las Vegas, or an exotic island in the Caribbean, traveling is…

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Are There Vegetarian Food Options on Groove Cruise?

Short Answer: Yes – plenty. Long Answer: If you have particular dietary needs or specific preferences when it comes to your food, then music festivals have the potential to present issues when it comes to options. At typical music festivals, you’re likely to be stuck with a limited selection of slightly (or greatly) overpriced “festival…

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How to Split the Cabin Payment with your Roommates

Unless you’re covering the whole cost of the cabin for you and your Groove Cruise crew (how nice of you), chances are you’ll find yourself trying to figure out how to sort out payment between multiple people. When you’re buying $300 tickets to typical festival, it’s not as big of a deal as it is…

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How to Use AirBnB for Cheaper Stays than a Hotel

Just like my Uber post, I hope this article provides you with an alternative option to traditional hotel stays that is both cheaper and a better experience. AirBnB is a platform that allows “guests” to book accommodation with “hosts”. Hosts can list everything from their couch to their entire place. You can book a shared…

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How To Use Uber for Cheap Transfers To/From the Cruise Port

Uber has established itself as one of the biggest game changers in transportation. Uber is a platform that connect riders (like you and Groove Cruise crew) with drivers in your city. Car options include personal vehicles from people looking to make extra cash up to large UberXL vehicles made for 5+ people. How Uber Works…

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How Much are the Mandatory Gratuities?

Short Answer: $12+ per day* depending on the cruise line. (See below on how to save money on these gratuities.) *Note: This is accurate as of the time of this post. Make sure you check the official Groove Cruise site and the specific cruise line for the most up to date and accurate information. Long…

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The Ultimate Groove Cruise Beginners Guide

While it’s easy to make this guide incredibly comprehensive, I’d rather try and break it down and keep it simple. This post is designed to guide you through your entire Groove Cruise experience. The Groove Cruise experience can easily be broken down into 10 simple steps: Make the Decision Join Mailing List & My VIP…

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Is There Gambling on Groove Cruise?

Short Answer: The casino aboard the cruise ship operates in the same manner as a regular cruise. Long Answer: YES! In case you’re not aware, the casino is open to attendees and operates in the same way it does on a traditional cruise. With that being said, the casino is generally closed until the ship…

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How Packed is it on Groove Cruise?

Short Answer: It’s not. The amount of attendees on Groove Cruise is always perfect given the environment! Long Answer: When you think music festival+cruise ship, thoughts of overcrowding come to mind. I’m about to put you at ease regarding your capacity concerns. Groove Cruise attendance is dictated by the capacity limit of the ship! For…

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What do I Pack for Groove Cruise?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed (by excitement, of course) when planning your Groove Cruise experience. One question that crosses everyone’s mind is, “What do I pack?”. Unless you have fairly elaborate costumes, I’m confident the majority of guests can get by with a large backpack or duffle bag. The necessities include: Swimwear/Beachwear Flip Flops Costumes…

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