Where Can I Get a Groove Cruise Access Code?

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If you’re a looking for an “access code” or “token” for Groove Cruise, chances are you’re trying to use the booking engine before it’s available to the public.

If you’re not in the Blind Faith Mafia, haven’t purchased a pre-sale, or aren’t a past attendee, then chances are you won’t have an access code and will have to wait until the public on-sale.

If you’re looking for a discount or coupon code, use GrooveCruiseChris for $50 off/person (How do I use this code?).

Occasionally, I’ll get early access to cabin booking for me and all my friends (like you!), but you’ll have to join my VIP List to be notified.

Once you’re booked, you’ll have all sorts of options for getting Groove Cruise access codes in the future.

Aboard the ship, you’ll be able to join the Blind Faith Mafia – where you put down a refundable deposit for an upcoming event (before details are released, hence “blind”) in exchange for a discount, onboard credit, free swag, or other incentives.

Also, as a past attendee, you’ll get notice of upcoming pre-sales. This will ensure you get the opportunity to reserve your spot in line and you’ll be granted an early access code for your event.

So, if you’re trying to use the Groove Cruise booking engine, it’s asking for an access code, and you don’t have one, now you know why and how to get one in the future.

Join my VIP List and I’ll keep you up to date regarding upcoming Groove Cruise events. No spam – pinky promise, and you can unsubscribe any time. I’m totally cool with that, too.

Groove Cruise Miami Pictures 90 1024x576