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A hostel is one of the best options for accommodation when you decide to take part in the famous Full Moon Party. It’s cheaper than a hotel or resort, and you can also easily meet other travelers who are attending the event. This is a list of some interesting hostels near the Full Moon Party you should check out.

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Full Moon Party hostels

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Lazy House Shenanigans

If you want a place with a pool and beautiful garden to chill out before the Full Moon Party, Shenanigans is the right choice for you. The rooms are rockstar themed and atmosphere friendly. You can easily walk to the Full Moon Beach or take a cheap taxi in case you don’t want to be outside on the streets at night time.

Jungle Gym & Ecolodge

The Jungle Gym & Ecolodge has hostel prices, and the dorm rooms only have 4 beds. Like the name says, this resort is jungle-styled and you can easily walk to the Full Moon Party. Because it’s a hostel and you can share a room or common room with strangers, getting to know new friends is easier than in a normal holiday resort.

Haad Rin Beach Luxury Hostel

If you want a hotel-like luxury but still stay in shared accommodation, book Haad Rin Beach Luxury Hostel. The rooms look like a high-end hotel with red curtains and wooden panels. You get the whole hotel experience while living with other Thailand tourists.

Same Same Guesthouse

Nightlife is the whole point of the Full Moon Party. Whether you want to want to see live performances, meet new people, or dance. Same Same Guesthouse is a good base for your festival experience. Same Same is located right next to the main street.

The Nomad House Palace Haad Rin

Start your Full Moon Party from the pool area of the Nomad House Palace. This 500 bed hostel has a wild atmosphere for the travelers who want to get everything out of their party trip. Originally a 4-star hotel, this accommodation has changed to a luxurious party hostel with an unforgettable rooftop venue that has a view of the whole island.

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