How to Book a Cabin on Groove Cruise (with Screenshots)


Booking a cabin on Groove Cruise is a bit different than buying a ticket to any other major EDM event. If cabin booking isn’t available yet and you want to get in on the presale, I have instructions for that here. Additionally, if pre-sales aren’t available yet, be sure to join my VIP list for the latest pre-sale details for upcoming events.

Moving on, here are the steps you need to take to successfully book your cabin.

First, you will need to access the reservation system. This can be done by clicking the pre-sale link(s) found on The Groove Cruise is operated by Whet Travel and the reservation system will be branded accordingly. I should add, if you haven’t already created an account within the Whet Travel booking system, I recommend that you do that first and login before booking. This will ensure the quickest experience (popular cabin types go fast) and will autopopulate a lot of your information during the process.

Step 1

Access the reservation system by going to and clicking the booking link or by using the links I send out to those on my VIP list. On the first page of your selected cruise, choose the number of guests that will be in your cabin (including yourself).


Step 2

The next page will present you with the available cabins in categories that will house the number of guests you selected on the previous page. Also here, you will find the rates per person for each of the cabin types (I’ll show you how to save some money in a later step). Choose your ideal cabin type by clicking “Select”.


Step 3

After selecting your cabin type, the next page will allow you to choose the actual cabin aboard the ship, based on availability. Each ship has a different deck plan, so if you care about exactly where your room is located, you’ll want to do a quick Google search. Try *ship name* deck plan. When you’ve decided the exact cabin you’d like, click “Add to Reservation”.


Step 4

If the Groove Cruise you’re booking has additional add-ons that can be purchased through the reservation system, this page will give you your options. You can choose to add them or simply move on to the next page.


Step 5

This page will give you a brief overview of your reservation. If everything looks good, you can choose to “Check Out”.


Step 6

If you didn’t listen to me earlier and log in to your previously created account, you will have the option to login now or register for a new account.


Step 7

The next step is to ensure that you’ve correctly provided all of the information for the guests in your cabin. This includes legal name and email address.

Also on this page is your opportunity to save $50 per person and give me a big “thank you” for providing the information on this site. In the discount code section, use GrooveCruiseChris (How do I use this code?), then click “Continue”. Your discount will be reflected on the next page.


Step 8

On this page, you’ll notice the total cost of the trip for all guests reflect the discount provided by using my coupon code. Choose how you want to pay for this booking, then click “Continue”.


Step 9

After choosing how you want to pay for the booking, this page will give you your payment options. If you book early enough and payment plans are still available, you’ll see them here. If you’re booking later during the booking window, you may only have the option to pay in full. Simply choose your payment terms, click “Continue”, and complete your booking.


Final Words

As you can see, there are a bit more steps involved in the booking process considering that cabins contain multiple people and you’ll be travelling internationally. The process is actually super easy though and totally worth the extra steps involved. I hope this gives you a better idea on how to book your cabin. Let me know if you have any questions!


Main photo is a pic of our room key/onboard account cards. Groove Cruise X, Miami 2014, Norwegian Pearl.