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Full Moon Party August Weather

If you are reading this article, you have probably started planning your own Full Moon Party holiday in August. Or, you just want to know more about Thailand’s famous party that happens around the year once a month during the full moon. This article goes over the weather in Koh Phangan in August, but you…

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Freaky Deaky Promo Code 2018 – Skip the Line w/ Free Express Entry

On Sale: 10am CT / 11pm ET, Thursday, June 14.Get access to “Free Express Entry” tickets with promo code/password: FREAKYRAVE Freaky Deaky Promo Code/Password Get “Free Express Entry” by using promo code/password FREAKYRAVE. Just copy & paste this promo code/password into the box on the ticket purchase page or type it in manually. Then, just select your…

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Full Moon Party July Weather

It’s time to start planning your Full Moon Party holiday for this summer! Our website is made for those who want to know more about this popular monthly event in Thailand. The Full Moon Party is a festival on Koh Phangan island that happens every month during the full moon. You can enjoy the beach…

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Full Moon Party June Weather

Is the Full Moon Party already on your bucket list? Maybe you want to visit Thailand and this iconic event this summer. In that case, we can offer you all information you want to know about the party. Just read our Full Moon Party tips and learn everything you have to know. This article talks about…

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Official Lineup Announced for Groove Cruise Cabo 2018

The summer festival season is just heating up, but this year’s sailing to Cabo is nearly 80% sold out. With just less than 5 months to go, the Groove Cruise Cabo 2018 lineup has been officially announced. Better yet, it’s being touted as “Phase 1” with more artists to be announced. This October, Groove Cruise…

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Full Moon Party May Weather

The Full Moon Party is one of the most popular events for backpackers and travelers in Thailand. This party happens once a month during the full moon on an island called Koh Phangan. This post covers the weather in May at the Full Moon Party. Because the Full Moon Party is held around the year,…

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Drink Package Price for Groove Cruise Miami 2019

Back by popular demand, Groove Cruise is offering an all inclusive beverage package on this upcoming sailing. The Groove Cruise Miami 2019 drink package price starts at $67 per person/per day + 18% gratuities and taxes. There are some terms and conditions you’ll want to consider before making this purchase, which I’ll go over below.…

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What are the Full Moon Party music genres?

The Full Moon Party is one of the best-known events for travelers in Asia. This huge beach party happens once a month and includes dancing, good music, neon colors and other fun activities. You can find more information about Full Moon Party and travel tips to plan your own trip from our website. This post…

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