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Last day for SMF Tampa 2018 payment plan, Easter 4-for-3 ends tomorrow

With just 48 days until the 2018 edition of Sunset Music Festival blasts the first beats through their speakers, the hype is building as ravers from Florida and beyond get ready for another Memorial Day weekend filled with music and more. Even if you haven’t picked up your tickets yet, you can still take advantage…

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Full Moon Party April Weather

Have you been planning a trip to Thailand and the famous Full Moon Party? If your answer is yes, you have found the right site. We give you all the necessary tips for going to and having fun at the Full Moon Party in Thailand. Learn how to get to the event using the travel…

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Official Sunset Music Festival 2018 Lineup Released

HERE WE GO – The highly anticipated Sunset Music Festival 2018 lineup has been announced, and this post highlights the acts that will be providing the banging beats this Memorial Day weekend. We’re just about two months away from central Florida’s premier electronic music festival, and with the SMF Tampa 2018 lineup now revealed, we…

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Where to go scuba diving near the Full Moon Party

Thousands of people travel to take part in the famous Full Moon Party every year. While you visit the party in Koh Phangan, why shouldn’t you take advantage of everything else this paradise-like island has to offer? Scuba diving is a popular activity in Thailand, and you can do it easily near the Full Moon…

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Where’s the Full Moon Party in Thailand?

The Full Moon Party is one of the must-attend events if you are on holiday in Thailand. You can find this monthly party on Koh Phangan island in the southern part of Thailand. Plan your holiday to the Full Moon Party beforehand and have once a lifetime experience in Thailand. Where’s the Full Moon Party…

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Groove Cruise Miami 2019 on sale now

This is the day the GCFAM has been waiting for – the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 On Sale. With cabin availability already reduced by bookings from the Blind Faith Mafia and pre-sale purchasers, the remaining cabins are now available to the public. Important links: Prices Payment Plans Discounts Groove Cruise Miami 2019 on sale now,…

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Best beach party in Thailand

Thailand has hundreds of paradise-like beaches and almost all the most popular beaches have wild parties. If we had to mention the best beach party in Thailand, it would definitely be the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan island. This party has everything that makes the perfect Thai beach party: a beautiful beach, good music,…

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Discounts for Groove Cruise Miami 2019

By the time you’ve reached this post, you’ve probably already decided that you’d prefer to save money over not saving money. Knowing all of the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 discounts will prepare you to maximize your booking and potentially save hundreds of dollars on your cabin. This is what you need to do to save…

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Payment Plans for Groove Cruise Miami 2019 – Starting at $71/month!

You know the feeling when festival season approaches, and you’re struggling to figure out just exactly how you’re going to pay for all the events you want to attend? With the Groove Cruise Miami 2019 payment plans, you can break up the cost of your cabin over time. Whether you’re a saavy investor who wants…

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