Best Thailand Rave: The Full Moon Party

Do you love partying? What about good upbeat music? In that case, Thailand’s Full Moon Party is the perfect holiday activity for you. Thousands of people travel to Thailand and its island called Koh Phangan just to visit this iconic party. Use the articles on our website and plan your own Full Moon Party trip. Who knows, maybe during the next full moon, you can attend the bust Thailand rave.

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Music, DJs, and dancing at this Thailand rave

Dance music and interesting DJs make the Full Moon Party the best rave of every month in Thailand. You can listen to music from hip-hop to trance on Sunrise Beach or several venues taking part in the party around Koh Phangan and especially Haad Rin. Dance the night away with thousands of excited travelers. The Full Moon Party is the best rave you can find in Thailand. People come to Koh Phangan for this one night (or for the also-popular Half Moon parties) to party from sunset to sunrise.

Neon colors, black light, and accessories glowing in the darkness

Most travelers know the Full Moon Party because of the photos of travelers dancing in black lights covered in colorful paint and accessories glowing in the dark. There are several activities from fire dancing to live music and you can’t find a rave like this anywhere else in the world. Everyone who arrives at the party will dress up with colorful neon clothes and body paint.

Where is the Full Moon Party?

If the Full Moon Party sounds like an appealing travel destination for you, it’s time to start planning. This rave happens once a month during the full moon on an island called Koh Phangan and more specifically in an area called Haad Rin. You have to pay a small entrance fee (100 THB) to get inside the party area on beach, and a ferry trip from mainland Thailand will also cost you about 200 to 600 THB.

Plan your Full Moon Party trip

The Full Moon Party is the perfect addition to your bucket list. It’s hard to find rave like this anywhere else in Thailand or the world. Check out the next party dates and start planning your own trip. Read more about the transportation to Koh Phangan and plan your stay on the island. Remember to book your accommodation for Full Moon Party early as the island books up fast.

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