Best Party Islands in Thailand

Paradise holiday destination Thailand is well known because of two things: fun parties and beautiful islands. When you combine these two, your trip to Thailand can’t go wrong. Whether you want to spend your whole holiday on party islands or you are staying at the mainland but want to do a day trip to one of the best party islands in Thailand, this list provides you the best possible islands to visit.

Best Party Islands in Thailand

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Koh Phangan

The name Koh Phangan may not be familiar for you, but we bet you have heard of Thailand’s famous Full Moon Party. Every month during the full moon, Koh Phangan transforms from a nice holiday island to a huge party event. People dance on the beaches, color themselves with neon paint, and have fun together with other travelers throughout the night. Thousands of people attend each Full Moon Party and there are always many events around the island. However, if you aren’t visiting Thailand during the full moon, Koh Phangan also holds other wild parties like the half moon parties and black moon parties. The wide range of events throughout every month makes Koh Phangan one of the best party islands in Thailand.

Koh Samui

This island is a paradise full of young travelers. The many beaches of this island are circled by clubs reminding you more of European or American vibe than Thailand. Chaweng Beach is well known amongst those traveling to Koh Samui seeking for parties, and above all, Koh Samui also has its own full moon and half full moon parties for those who don’t want to travel to Koh Phangan.


As a travel destination, Phuket is one of the best known in Thailand, but it also holds some of the best parties in the whole country. You can party the whole night in a wide variety venues before spending the next day laying on one of the paradise-like beaches. Phuket is a huge island, and you can find a lot of entertainment every night of the week. Whether you want live music or a disco atmosphere, Phuket is the right destination for you. You can also access other party islands easily from Phuket.

Koh Phi Phi

Those who are searching for crazy and wild parties will fall in love with Koh Phi Phi. This beautiful island is known for the parties hosted here. There are a lot of travelers on this small island, and you will definitely have fun partying at night and enjoying the paradise during the day.

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