Best beach party in Thailand

Thailand has hundreds of paradise-like beaches and almost all the most popular beaches have wild parties. If we had to mention the best beach party in Thailand, it would definitely be the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan island. This party has everything that makes the perfect Thai beach party: a beautiful beach, good music, lots of happy people, and of course, cool activities to try out.

Best beach party in Thailand? The Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party is a traditional backpackers party on Thailand’s Koh Phangan island. It’s held once a month during the full moon and the party lasts through whole night or, in some cases, even until the next evening. Thousands of people come to each Full Moon Party, so there will always be people to have fun with. You can travel to Koh Phangan either alone or with friends and have a successful Thailand beach party experience.

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Why is the Full Moon Party the best party in Thailand?

The Full Moon Party can offer travelers and tourists something other parties around Thailand, Asia and the world, can’t. You can take part in many unique activities like a fire jump rope, listen to live music and DJs, or dance with other partiers. Everyone who is taking part in the Full Moon Party paints themselves with neon colors, and there are black lights in all around the beach. That’s why the party is so colorful and stands out from other beach parties around Thailand.

There are Full Moon Parties, Half Moon Parties, and other parties inspired by the Full Moon Party held around Thailand. However, this party in Koh Phangan is the original Full Moon Party and it is the must-visit beach party in the country. There are a lot more people in the authentic Full Moon Party than in the copied parties. Secondly, experiencing the real Full Moon Party is a thing everyone should add to their bucket list and try out at least once in their lifetime, since it is the best beach party in Thailand.

Plan your own Full Moon Party trip

Use our website to plan your Full Moon Party holiday to Koh Phangan. Start by checking the next Full Moon Party dates and don’t forget to book your accommodation early. You can also read hostel and hotel recommendations on this site. Before traveling to Koh Phangan, remember also to read our Full Moon Party guides of how to dress, transportation and all other general information you will need to know.

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