Beat the Houston Traffic and Uber to Something Wicked 2016

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A quick Google search will tell you that Houston has the worst traffic in Texas and is ranked among the top cities with the worst traffic in the US.

But, if you live there, I don’t have to tell you that.

Regardless, don’t let the traffic get you down during your festival experience. You can Uber to Something Wicked 2016 and save yourself the headache. In fact, if you haven’t used Uber, I’ve got a code that will hook you up with a free ride.

Just download the app, sign up using my code, chrisp336, and the promotional credit will show up in your account. When you get a free ride, I also get a free ride. So, from one raver to another, thank you. Costs you nothing more, and we both win.

How to Use Uber

Step 1 – Download the App to Your Phone

You can download Uber for iOS or Android.

Step 2 – Sign Up and Enter my Free Ride Code

It will ask you to sign up for an account, and you’ll have the option to enter a promo code.

Use chrisp336 to get your free ride credit.

Step 3 – Don’t Drive, Uber to Something Wicked 2016

When you’re ready, open the app, set your pick up point, and an Uber vehicle will come and pick you up.

You can enter your destination address in the app.

7575 North Sam Houston Pkwy W, Houston, TX 77064

This is the address to the festival site.

Payment is handled within the app. No cash, no hassles.

Pro Tip

Avoid “surge” pricing by heading to the festival early and/or hanging out a bit after it ends.

Surge pricing takes effect when the demand for Uber vehicles is greater than the supply. When this happens, the cost of a ride goes up.

So, avoid this by planning to travel when there’s less of a demand for Uber vehicles.

Sign Up for Uber Using Your Browser

You don’t have to sign up on your phone, but you’ll have to download the app to request a ride. If you want to sign up for your desktop/laptop/tablet web browser, you can just use this link which will automatically apply the code:

Lyft is Not Available in Houston, But I Can Still Hook You Up with $50

Lyft is a great alternative to Uber, and some even like the Lyft experience better. I find them to be similar. How would you like $50 in free Lyft credit? Sign up now using my code, CHRIS672662, and you’ll get $50 in free ride credit.

Lyft is not available in Houston due to a disagreement between Lyft and the city over certain fees. You can still use the free ride credit in other cities where Lyft is available.

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How are you getting to Something Wicked 2016? Any tips for those choosing to drive themselves?

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