17 Costume Ideas for Groove Cruise LA 2014

GCLA 2014 themes were recently announced.

With less than 4 months to go and 6 different themes to dress up for, you’ll want to start preparing soon.

If you’re stuck trying to come with something for each of the themes, maybe the list I’ve put together below will help you out.

Theme – Represent
Represent your state, country, or heritage.

  • Bring a flag!
  • Swimwear with your flag
  • Headwear (i.e. Greek Spartan helmet)
  • Face/Body paint

Theme – Out of This World
Sci-fi & Space inspired outfits are the theme of this evening.

  • Space suits
  • Alien costumes
  • Costumes of favorite sci-fi characters
  • Custom LED gear

Theme – Catalina Luau
This day will feature Groove Cruisers’ take on Hawaiian costumes.

  • Hawaiian leis & flowers
  • Hula skirts
  • Coconut props & adornments
  • Inflatable palm trees & more

Theme – Whet Dreams White Party
You can wear whatever color you want, as long as it’s white.

  • Your favorite rave attire…in white

Theme – Pajama Jam
Party in your pajamas!

  • Dress like you’re going to sleep, but come out to rage

Theme – Cartoons Gone Wild
Imagine inviting all of your favorite cartoon character to join you aboard the largest floating music festival. Yeah, it’ll be like that.

  • Classic cartoon characters
  • Modern cartoon characters
  • Movie cartoon characters

One thing that’s universal on Groove Cruise is inflatables. It seems there can never be too many inflatables. When in doubt, inflatables are always appropriate.

I hope this helps stir your imagination when preparing costumes for Groove Cruise LA 2014!

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