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$50 Off/Person GC Discount Code - GrooveCruiseChris

How Do I Use Your Groove Cruise Discount Code?


If you have decided to not only join the Groove Cruise family on an amazing experience, but also use my discount code to save you and your cabinmate(s) some money along the way, then you get a big *high five*!

Here’s what you need to know to successfully use my code and save $50 off per person in your cabin while booking.


1. My discount code is


(no spaces, but capitals don’t matter)

2. It will save you $50 off per person in your cabin.

3. The only time you can use this code is AT THE TIME OF CABIN SELECTION.
This means that you if you’re going through the pre-sale process, you can’t use the code yet. Pre-sales secure a spot for you onboard, cabin selection is when you can use my discount code.

4. When you go to actually select your cabin, this is when you can use my discount code. After selecting your cabin, entering passenger details, etc., you will arrive at a final screen where you handle the payment for your cabin.

There is a “Discount Code” box on this final screen where you can apply my discount code.


5. At this time, both the savings from my discount code and any credits you have from your pre-sale deposit (if you were a part of the pre-sale) will be deducted from your total amount due, and you can proceed with your payment.

By Phone

When speaking with the Whet Travel staff to book your cabin over the phone, just be sure to mention you want to use my discount code, GrooveCruiseChris (no spaces), and they will get you all taken care of.


Any additional discounts available for your particular Groove Cruise event (i.e. Female Foursome/Fivesome discounts, Military discounts, etc.) that apply to you are handled post payment and issued as a refund to your card. Visit the discounts page on my site for more information on these.

That’s it, you just saved you and your roomies some money and gave me a big THANK YOU for providing the information on this site. I can’t thank you enough – it is more than appreciated.

See you on the ship!

Full disclosure:
When you use this discount code, not only do you save $50 per person, but the Groove Cruise organizers also make it a little bit easier for me to come party with you! That means both of us can use our savings for costumes, drinks, merchandise, gambling, and other shenanigans! WIN-WIN!

If you’ve found my site useful, this is the biggest way to say thanks. You don’t have to use the discount code…but that means we both pay more, and that makes me sad 🙁 See you on the ship!