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Life in Color Dallas Ft. Worth 2017 Promo Code: PAINTRAVE

*Note: This promo code is definitely good for Life In Color Houston 2017, but there's been some issues getting it active for LIC DFW. I'm working with the organizers to get it resolved. I apologize if you attempt to apply it and get an error for LIC DFW.

Life in Color Dallas Ft. Worth 2017 Promo Code

Use the promo code PAINTRAVE to score an easy $1-2 off every ticket type. You can copy/paste the promo code into the ticket site or manually type it in. Once applied, choose your tickets and complete your purchase.

Buy LIC DFW 2017 Tickets

Promo code: PAINTRAVE

When you apply the promo code, this is what success looks like!

Tutorial - LIC DFW Promo Code

Step 1 - Visit the official ticket site.

These graphics from the Houston event, but the process is the same for Dallas Ft. Worth!

Step 2 - Scroll down and enter PAINTRAVE into the promo code text box. Then, click "Apply Code".

Step 3 - Choose your tickets.

Step 4 - Click "Get Tickets" and complete your purchase.

Step 5 - That's it! You saved money. Share this.

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Buy LIC DFW 2017 Tickets

Promo code: PAINTRAVE

Event Details

Life in Color DFW 2017 Details

September 30, 2017

Fort Worth, TX
Panther Island Pavilion

Returning to Dallas/Ft. Worth in 2017, Life in Color is bringing Texas ravers their "X Tour". Featuring a lineup consisting of 3lau, Elephante, Bonnie X Clyde, and Quix, LIC DFW bringing the heat...and the paint. The worldwide phenomenon has been painting their canvas of attendees for over a decade as they've created an event combining top acts in electronic dance music, big sound and stage production, and of course, neon colored paint blasts.

Age Limit

  • 17+ event

$1-2 Off Life in Color Dallas Ft. Worth 2017 Promo Code - PAINTRAVE

Use the promo code PAINTRAVE to instantly get $1-2 off your tickets. Get $1 off early bird tickets and $2 off regular priced tickets.

Buy LIC DFW 2017 Tickets

Promo code: PAINTRAVE

Tickets go on sale Friday August 4th at 11 AM CST!